David Fischer

As the year comes to a close, just wanted to say once again a big Thank You too all that have shown support to me over this time. Many have come and gone but a few of you remain which I appreciate so much.

Over 70,000 times now a post of mine has been seen. Only the Glory of God can do that! Will be trying some new things at the turn of the year so stay tuned and God Bless!

Agape Love,


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David Fischer

Proverbs 30:12- “They are pure in their own eyes, but they are filthy and unwashed”

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend. I am telling you now this will not be the most uplifting post I have ever wrote, however, it needs to be told no matter the consequences. I hope to end this on a good note but I’m not sure that is what God has in store….

So, I have said this before, Social Media is extremely eye opening. When people think or understand that are are zero repercussions for what you say behind the screen, people tend to be more honest about who and what they are. I totally understand this from people that have never met my Jesus. As I was before my acceptance of Him as my Savior, these folks have no choice. They are a slave to the world and its evil no matter…

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