I Did It!- June 30th, 2012

Good morning everyone and welcome to the last day of June. Boy is this year going by quick is it not? Well, for those that are following this blog, thank you! It truly blows my mind that anyone would care what I have to say. It will always be something that God has revealed to... Continue Reading →

What Are You Going to Do?- June 29, 2014

Good afternoon everyone and for the second time today I will try and write this post. I spent 20 minutes writing the original and somehow it didn't take. Well, as usual the Enemy has lost and I will post it a second time. 🙂 Disclaimer; this post will not be holding back so if you... Continue Reading →

Flesh VS Spirit

Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend! Woot Woot! I must admit that this past week was really tough; a lot of drama going on in places that I have never dealt with before and just some emotional and physical trials. However, I serve a God that stand by me through it all and makes... Continue Reading →

The Car- 6/24/14

Good morning! Yesterday God showed me something that I wanted to share with you all. About 3:30 in the afternoon or so, I looked out of my office window as the afternoon storms were about to rush into the area. You could see the darkening clouds and the wind shift direction, so you knew that... Continue Reading →

Good Morning!

Good morning everyone and welcome to another Monday! This weeks poses to be an interesting one in that I may find out some exciting news about my job as well as hopefully signing the lease on our new apartment. I hope that these two things will come to fruition, but one thing that I don't... Continue Reading →


Well, this is the first step I'm taking in order to prepare for the book that I am eventually going to write. Many things on here I won't share on Facebook because, well, this blog is for the folks that want to be real and want to hear Truth. Hope you feel led to follow... Continue Reading →

My Child

I came to you through a servant of Mine in a sermon one day; You confessed your sins and gave your life to Me; You bought books and other tools to spread My message; You were a testimony of how one can change by giving up their lives for Me: Now you use My name... Continue Reading →

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