I Did It!- June 30th, 2012


Good morning everyone and welcome to the last day of June. Boy is this year going by quick is it not? Well, for those that are following this blog, thank you! It truly blows my mind that anyone would care what I have to say. It will always be something that God has revealed to me or something that I have learned; today is no exception so here goes. 🙂

Since as far back as I can remember, I have ben a part of Facebook, Twitter, and  all the social media outlets that one could desire. Well yesterday God showed me just how foolish I have been. Now I am not saying that if you have a Facebook account you are Satan and will be thrown into the pit of hell, what I am saying is that for me the time had come that I was spending way too much time on it. See it’s not just the posting, but the notifications through your phone and the constant updates that it requires. I even had a ministry page on there but the same thing happened; I was so concerned about seeing what was going on that I was simply wasting too much time on something that I feel is just another distraction between us and God. 

One of my boys asked me once why God doesn’t speak to us like He did in the OT days; I said, “Well son, He does, we just can’t hear Him anymore”. Between our computers, tablets, cell phones, and video games, God can’t get a word in to us that we can hear. Maybe you all can do it, but I simply can’t anymore so I deleted my Facebook account, got rid of Twitter, and now will reside online only within the confines of this blog. Thank you for being a part of it and may God be glorified by all we do!

In Christ,


What Are You Going to Do?- June 29, 2014


Good afternoon everyone and for the second time today I will try and write this post. I spent 20 minutes writing the original and somehow it didn’t take. Well, as usual the Enemy has lost and I will post it a second time. 🙂 Disclaimer; this post will not be holding back so if you are not one that takes kindly to accountability, you might want to stop reading right about now…..

First of all, let me tell you all that I include myself in everything that I am about to write. I am 42 years old and for the most part have stayed quiet on these things for WAY too long. I felt led yesterday to do some research on how life was in the 40’s and 50’s. Now, not everything was as perfect as “Leave it to Beaver” would have us think but nonetheless, I was amazed at just how far we have fallen as a country and as a people. Everything from taking God out of our daily lives to the 1.2 million children slaughtered every year by abortion, our country now resembles nothing like it did when it was founded and apparently that is ok. Why do you say that David? Well, its almost comical because I see plenty of Abortion activists, plenty of Atheists protesting this and that, which is all fine because we are supposed to be a free country where we can express our beliefs how we see fit. The problem is what I don’t see. I don’t see churches uniting against un-biblical practices such as abortion, men having 5 or 6 wives, you name it, the church has fallen deaf on everything. Why? Well here are a few reasons as I see it…

1. We are too worried about being politically correct; we are so afraid of “judging” or even appearing as mean-spirited that we simply don’t say anything. By the way folks, have you ever read any of the New Testament? Do you think for a second that Jesus, Paul, or any of the disciples and early believers ever hesitated for a second to “lay it on” the church in a region if they started to backslide or allow things to go on that were unacceptable in the eyes of God? No, you know what we do? We allow sick, stupid groups like the Westboro Church, and I use that term very sarcastically, to speak for us. Really??

2. We have simply gotten too comfortable where we are: Folks we say we care about the principles of Christ, but how exactly are we showing them? How exactly are we doing that when we spend all of our time in the four walls of the church building, on Facebook, on Twitter, or playing those wonderful video games. Let me say this from someone who is very skeptical of most churches; posting your beliefs on Facebook and then being silent in the real world is comforting no one. Going to church every Sunday and Wed night makes you a believer about as much as the Enemy knowing Scripture makes him a believer. If we simply sit by and raise our hands to God on Sunday morning, yet do nothing for His people the rest of the week, you are just as much of a false believer as Judas was….

3. We don’t think one person can make a difference; think one person can’t make a difference? Just ask the creator of Facebook that question. Just ask the person that started Google. Think they haven’t made a difference? Where is the next Billy Graham? Are we really content with the Sunday/Wed routine that we are also content to let our country and more importantly each other’s souls go straight to hell?

Look folks, there is evil in the world there always has been and always will until our Lord comes again. In the meantime, what are we going to do? Are we going to moan and complain about our government and discussing conspiracy stories all day? Or are we going to make a real difference for Christ, for our country, and for our world? If we don’t start today, that phrase of hell on earth will soon become a reality. Call your local congressman or woman; run for office yourself, start a church that TRULY serves others and fulfills the Great Commission. do anything, do something, but get out of the four walls, get off Facebook, Twitter and WOW, and get in the Game! Is anyone out there at all….do we care at all…..The Road is narrow, so much more narrow than we think…..


Flesh VS Spirit


Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend! Woot Woot! I must admit that this past week was really tough; a lot of drama going on in places that I have never dealt with before and just some emotional and physical trials. However, I serve a God that stand by me through it all and makes me stronger for it when I get to the other side. Awesome is He!

Every day lately it seems as if God is teaching me a new lesson. I don’t know about all of you but sometimes, while exciting, I’m like, “God, I haven’t even learned the last lesson slow down!” Well God’s timing and pace is definitely not ours so He continues to throw things at me at a feverish pace. While I am not mastering any of them I am learning gradually and what I want to share today is the lesson of the Flesh VS. The Spirit. I must add this disclaimer, if you are not a believer of Christ Jesus and have turned your life over to Him, this lesson will mean nothing. You simply do not have the ability or the resources to truly learn this lesson; neither do I , however He does and that is Whom I turn things over to. So if you have never made that decision to give your life over to Him and accept His free (to you) gift of eternal life, please do so today! If you have any questions on this at all, I will leave my email address at the end of this message. Now, on to it!

See, my friends, as believers we have a choice daily. We can either die to ourselves and let the Spirit of Christ lead us in all things, or we can give in to that nasty flesh that Jesus died such a horrible death to get rid of. (Of course he did rise again, ya know). For me, that struggle seems to revolve around weight. I have been heavy my whole life and to be honest its getting to a dangerous point. While I gave up smoking some 21 years ago, I just replaced that addiction with food and now I am up to a staggering 355 pounds. God has been very gracious in that I have had relatively few health problems but I can tell now that I am almost 43 years old, His patience and Grace on this is wearing thin. For a long time I thought it was so simple; just stop eating as much right? Well for us as believers it goes a little bit deeper than that. For anyone that has weight issues like me, many times the food intake becomes less about fulfilling a hunger pain as it is about satisfying the taste buds. “Man, I’m really not hungry but I know how awesome that chocolate shake would taste”. The examples could go on and on; so what God showed me is that by doing that, I am not satisfying a natural desire to eat but instead a sinful one that only satisfies the flesh and does nothing for the Spirit. So again, it all comes down to choice. Do I satisfy me body or INSTEAD turn to the Spirit for direction?

My friends, maybe your problem isn’t food maybe its lust, maybe its money obsession, it could be anything but in all things that we struggle with, it always comes down to a simple word; choice. This day, in all that you do, make the choice to not follow your fleshly mind and heart but instead do as the Scriptures command us to do and “die” to yourself and LIVE through the Spirit of Jesus Christ that He paid such a high price to give you. Amen? Thanks everyone and if you have been helped by any of my blog entries, please let me hear your feedback and share this blog with other. God bless everyone and have a great day!

In Christ,




Our Way of Thinking


Good morning everyone! Thank you to those that are now following this blog; the idea that anyone would want to hear what I have to say on a daily basis really blows my mind. It is simply a testimony of God’s power and His love for us that He would use someone as wretched as me to help get His message across.

So I titled this Our Way of Thinking because I believe that this way must change; the way we think, how we think, and the process in which we do is the key to our walk with Jesus. I tried explaining this to my kids the other day and kind of got that “deer in the headlights” look but I think they get it and hopefully you will as well. See we all have a brain right? (Be careful how you answer that lol). Well, when we become believers in Christ and give our lives totally to Him, I believe that other than a normal bodily function, we need to stop using that brain to think and instead use the Holy Spirit. Look at the Scriptures, there are numerous ones throughout that discuss dying to self; that our old self is gone and instead it is Christ that lives within us. So, if our old self has died, then why would we continue to keep thinking with a part of our body that is sinful and in many respects “dead”? It’s real simple folks, we should stop thinking with our brains and start thinking with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Most of you are probably totally confused by this and thinking “how do I stop thinking with my brain?” Well, the answer may be simpler than you think. As a disciple of Christ, He has given us this power through His Holy Spirit! We no longer have to live by the constraints of our mortal selves but instead let His Spirit totally and in all things lead us and control our lives. It is only then, I believe, that we can live the lives the God has called us to live while we are here on this earth. Just as we should not base our actions on how we feel, we should also not base those actions on how WE think. Pray today that God would fully take over your lives and give you a glimpse of what is to come; put aside that sinful piece of meat in your skull and give control to the One that resides inside of you just waiting for your permission to take over. Peace and love to all!

In Christ,


The Car- 6/24/14


Good morning! Yesterday God showed me something that I wanted to share with you all. About 3:30 in the afternoon or so, I looked out of my office window as the afternoon storms were about to rush into the area. You could see the darkening clouds and the wind shift direction, so you knew that a good one was on the way. As I looked upon the rushing clouds, I also noticed people running out to their cars to put up their windows or their convertible tops in preparation for the rain. All that entered my Spirit was how small we really are; how at the drop of a hat our entire day can be changed by an event that our Creator uses to keep life going on this planet. The other thing God showed me was how this is an example of how we need to prepare for something much more eventful than an afternoon rain.

See my friends, God has given us our freedom for now, but the storm clouds are just on the horizon; there is a day coming where your choice to live for Him will be over and He will give you what you desire. He will either give you an eternity filled with love, beauty and eternal happiness, or a eternity without Him filled with suffering and the realization that you are forever alone. Yesterday, some of my co-workers prepared for the rain by running to their cars; I ask you this morning, how are you preparing for the storm of all storms? The return of our King! It’s not about religion and its different customs, its not even about how many times you went to church or how many “spiritual posts” you put on Facebook. Instead, its about a real relationship with the One that gave His only Son Jesus so you could be absolved of your past, present, and future sin and give you an eternal life…a true life. What this day will be your desire? How will prepare for the storm?

In Christ,



Good Morning!


Good morning everyone and welcome to another Monday! This weeks poses to be an interesting one in that I may find out some exciting news about my job as well as hopefully signing the lease on our new apartment. I hope that these two things will come to fruition, but one thing that I don’t have to hope about is that my Father in Heaven will be watching and guiding me along the whole way. Where there used to be uncertainty, there is now certainty; where there was despair, there is now hope; where there was being lost now there is finding true freedom. My true hope for this week is that if there be anyone reading these words that does not truly know Jesus as their Savior and has given their life to Him, that this would be the week! I would love to hear from you; may your day be blessed!!

In Christ,


P.S. Yes, for those that were wondering, I did actually write “My Child”. God put it on my heart for someone. More to come! 😀

My Child

Romans Desktop

I came to you through a servant of Mine in a sermon one day;
You confessed your sins and gave your life to Me;
You bought books and other tools to spread My message;
You were a testimony of how one can change by giving up their lives for Me:
Now you use My name in vain;
You justify your language to suit your needs;
You testimony is no longer about Me but about the world;
You bring glory only to the one the tried to replace Me;
What happened My child?
Why did you forsake Me?
Was My Son not enough for you?
Was it not enough that I gave Him up so we could be together forever?
Tell Me My child, what more can I do?
I shed a tear for you today, come back to Me My child;
Live for Me once again, let Me fill your heart with love:
Let Me fill your world with desires that only I can give;
Decide this day Whom you will really serve;
Before the day comes where My wrath will fill the world;
Next time I send My Son it won’t be for Grace but for redemption;
Oh how I hope you will join the Saints and Me;
My child, this message is for you.