My Child

Romans Desktop

I came to you through a servant of Mine in a sermon one day;
You confessed your sins and gave your life to Me;
You bought books and other tools to spread My message;
You were a testimony of how one can change by giving up their lives for Me:
Now you use My name in vain;
You justify your language to suit your needs;
You testimony is no longer about Me but about the world;
You bring glory only to the one the tried to replace Me;
What happened My child?
Why did you forsake Me?
Was My Son not enough for you?
Was it not enough that I gave Him up so we could be together forever?
Tell Me My child, what more can I do?
I shed a tear for you today, come back to Me My child;
Live for Me once again, let Me fill your heart with love:
Let Me fill your world with desires that only I can give;
Decide this day Whom you will really serve;
Before the day comes where My wrath will fill the world;
Next time I send My Son it won’t be for Grace but for redemption;
Oh how I hope you will join the Saints and Me;
My child, this message is for you.

Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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