Good Morning!


Good morning everyone and welcome to another Monday! This weeks poses to be an interesting one in that I may find out some exciting news about my job as well as hopefully signing the lease on our new apartment. I hope that these two things will come to fruition, but one thing that I don’t have to hope about is that my Father in Heaven will be watching and guiding me along the whole way. Where there used to be uncertainty, there is now certainty; where there was despair, there is now hope; where there was being lost now there is finding true freedom. My true hope for this week is that if there be anyone reading these words that does not truly know Jesus as their Savior and has given their life to Him, that this would be the week! I would love to hear from you; may your day be blessed!!

In Christ,


P.S. Yes, for those that were wondering, I did actually write “My Child”. God put it on my heart for someone. More to come! šŸ˜€

Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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