It’s Monday!

Good Monday morning folks! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for another fun filled week....Yeah I am trying to convince myself of that too. I feel like dog poop but I am hoping that some coffee and ignoring my symptoms will do the trick. I usually get sick twice a... Continue Reading →

Not Feeling Well

Good afternoon friends. Not feeling real well and wants to reach out for prayers. I hate feeling sick especially when its like this halfway point of half sick half not. So thank you for your prayers and I hope my blog posts are making an impact slowly but surely. Heck, might even be another one... Continue Reading →

Finally Friday!

Good morning everyone, welcome to Friday. Hope you all have had a great work week and are ready for the weekend. I am, but with everything going on lately, the weekend don't seem that different. I do get to sleep in later so I guess that is different, but the trials yours truly has been... Continue Reading →


Hello friends. You know, the day started out good enough, that should have been my notice that things were going to happen. I can't really get into specifics because I would be digging my own grave so to speak; with that said I will have to speak in more general terms. Another post that, for... Continue Reading →

Hump day!

Good morning everyone! Another day, another cup of coffee. Can we all be in agreement that coffee is the only thing that makes the morning bright? Can I get an amen? Lol I mean of course there is the whole God thing but alas God created coffee so if God is good, so is coffee!... Continue Reading →

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