Evening Post

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, it sure was a Monday…this post might be a little negative so if your looking for some inspiration on this post, I’m sorry. This is going to be more of a “I need to vent” post. I really really tried to be positive today, but just too much happened and part of the reason I created this blog was to show that you can be a believer and still have a bad day. So, here goes…

So I guess I will start with the really bad news..a dear family member went in for Gall Bladder surgery and found out she has Stage 4 cancer in her kidney, gall bladder, and bladder. We found out the news even before she woke up and I can only pray that God will give her the comfort she will need when she hears this news. In this age of technology, of course we hear this be texting. Now don’t get me wrong, I text all the time, but there are some things that simply should be told face to face. Anyway, I would ask for all your prayers as we know that we serve a mighty God that can heal, but I don’t know how much fight she has. She just went through Open Heart Surgery only a few months ago so yeah, I just don’t know…

Then I guess what really pisses me off is right after that I see people posting complaints about stuff that quite frankly pales in comparison. I mean, is your life ending? If its not, just shut up. That is where I am today….(I told you). We moan and complain about all these things that really at the end of the day mean NOTHING. But, we are a generation of complainers and we have the perfect forums to do it through FB, Twitter, etc. I get so tired of it really; I know people are suffering out there, but are you REALLY suffering? If you didn’t just have Open Heart Surgery and get diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, chances are your day was better than hers. Chances are your “problems” are just minor distractions that require no effort whatsoever. I’m really not trying to be insensitive but come on folks. It’s really not that bad…

Then I feel so bad for my bride, who top of a bad back, living with her parents, and serious other family issues on the other side of the state is getting to the point where she is numb. I am trying to let her know I’m there for her but man its difficult not to slide down that path as well. It seems at times our family is cursed; cursed with the seemingly never ending catastrophic event one after another. (But by all means, you couldn’t get that phone you wanted, your life is so much worse….)

Well, I warned you. Normally I like to make posts that are positive and encouraging. Today, however, I needed to vent. Venting that I do best through my typing. I hope you understand or heck maybe even can relate. Thank you for any prayers you can provide for all. 

Peace and Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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