Finally Friday!

Good morning everyone, welcome to Friday. Hope you all have had a great work week and are ready for the weekend. I am, but with everything going on lately, the weekend don’t seem that different. I do get to sleep in later so I guess that is different, but the trials yours truly has been going through make it all a blur right now….

I always preach to people about being positive and how its a choice. I understand that but I guess the thing I am trying to overcome now is how to be that way when everyone around you is not. There are plenty of reasons to go around for sure and everyone is completely justified in how they feel, but as someone that tries to be a leader, its tough when you feel like its you against the world. Can anyone relate? Down deep I know, like most things, this is a period of growth opportunity. A period where God is almost forcing me to be solely dependent upon Him and nothing or no one else. In times like these I can, in a very small way, relate to how some of the heroes of the Bible felt. Moses went up to Mount Sinai for what must have felt like an eternity, no one but him on that journey, until he got to to the top and then spent some serious time with the Father. Is that what this is right now? Is this path I’m on right now, my Mount Sinai? (Hopefully if it is there are no new commandments)

Hopefully there are those out there that can relate; those that feel as if they are all along in this thing we call life. For the Christ follower that journey can be even lonelier especially in these days that we live in. I guess all I can advise is that if that is the journey we are on, when it is complete, we have the Creator of all the universe waiting at the top. Heck for that matter He is with us along the way too…..even Jesus to some degree felt alone in the Garden. 

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Love and Blessings,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

One thought on “Finally Friday!”

  1. If everyone around you is negative, may Be that’s because your supposed to be the one that is bringing them positivity? We never understand why we are where we are unroll we think back.


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