Removing The Veil- Part I

Good Saturday morning friends. I hope your work week went well and I really thank those of you that actually take a few minutes a day to read what is going on in this crazy mind of mine. It’s been a week today and I do feel like even with everything going on in my life, this is serving some sort of purpose. Today’s post is going to be one that is different from most; it will be the beginning of the many reasons why I believe a veil has been placed over our heads. A veil that for the most part has gone unnoticed and quite frankly embraced. A veil that has destroyed the original plans and idea of the church as Christ intended it and replaced it with an entertainment industry. So, here goes Part I…

To understand why I believe there is a veil that has been placed over our heads, you must first understand how the Church began. Not many people understand that when “church” first started taking place, it wasn’t just on one or two days a week. It was EVERY day. Not only was it every day but they didn’t worship in one place. The disciples would go around from town to town and village to village and have worship. Then those towns and villages would pick up the same practice in one form or another, but the essence was the same; every day people came together and worshipped God and His Son. 

Now I know the religious scholars will tell you that there are very distinct reasons why we worship on Sunday. Well, those might be good intended reasons but you have to ask yourself, “Did Jesus command this?” Did He command that Sunday be reserved for that special time of worship? The answer to that question is a resounding NO. So right off the bat, we have taken over what God laid down as a plan of daily worship and changed it to fit our needs. One thing that I have always learned in Bible study is that if God didn’t put it in there, then its not true. Especially when it comes to things as important as His Church. Yes I know Churches were formed in Corinth, Rome, etc and many great things came out of the “local church”. But these places were not meant to be the only place people went to worship, it was intended to set the standard. 

You might ask, “why is this so important”? Well, just look at the world around us. The “local church” has become a set of very precise mega-churches that pay their Senior Pastors more money than some third world countries make total! Does that sound like what God intended? People blame the politicians all the time about how bad things are, well I would argue that the Church is to blame. For all of our good intentions, WHERE ARE YOU? Where is your united stance against abortion? Where is your outcry that Jesus is the answer not suicide? I mean we are great posting it online or in our Sunday buildings but not so much where it matters; WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE. When was the last time one of these pastors of these mega churches gave up their salaries to pay the rent of a whole community in need or maybe pick up the health care tab of a community in need? we wouldn’t even be having this health care discussion if the church was doing what God called His people to do. Treat others better than yourself!

Friends, this is just part one. I’m not sure how many parts there will be but there is a lot more where this came from. I don’t pretend to be the expert in all things. However, I have seen and experienced enough and it is time to call out and FIX the wrongs that the Church was done. It is time to truly be His hands and feet and start serving His people instead of ourselves….Part II coming soon…

Peace and Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

2 thoughts on “Removing The Veil- Part I”

  1. Some really good points here. It’s fair to lay out that “worship” is also listening to Christian music, reading the Bible, praying in group settings if possible.


    1. Thanks Josh, that is also very true. Worship comes in many different forms. Also, thanks for the support and feedback 🙂


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