Good night peeps.

Been a rough day, going to try and sleep it off. Thank you to all that are following my writing here and for your prayers as well. Peace,  David 



Well saw the surgeon and he approved my hip replacement surgery. Not a lot to tell now but will probably be within the next 4-5 weeks or so. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers... Love and Truth, David

Now That You Have Started..

Lunch crowd 🙂

David Fischer

Good morning friends. I hope this finds you doing well and on the beginning of a new journey to seek Truth. Truth not just as an action but as a Person in Jesus Christ. I say this not to be “religious” but to give you hope; a hope that can only be found through Him….

You know how the easiest thing sometimes in our lives is to start something? For me I have been on a million different diets and lost a ton of weight. Problem is I never finish that race and gain it all back. The hardest part of any journey is not just starting it but sustaining it. Giving up is something that comes way too easy, especially for me, so what do we do? If you are indeed on that journey to find Truth amongst the lies of this world, it can be a daunting and…

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Stop The Lies

For the lunch crowd

David Fischer

Ever wonder what is true and what is false? Ever wonder who and what determines that truth or falsehood? Good morning and welcome. My main mission in life is to bring others to Christ where their life both here and eternally can be changed forever. However, we have a problem…..It’s not so easy anymore and its because of “pick your adjective” above. You are being deceived and the worst part is you don’t even care. Let me explain….

There was a time in this world where God and His Son perminated the lives of people. Not everyone believed but Truth was revealed to humanity as a person, not just an action. Truth came in the form of God’s Son Jesus Christ and all that is good with Him. Fast forward to today; we live in a 24 hour news cycle, we have up to the second information right at our…

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