Good morning everyone; hope all of you are doing well. I am finally on the way to recovery feeling a lot better than last week; except for the stomach ache the mess give me….(Oh well, can’t have it all lol)

Not a long post this morning; actually more of a simple reminder. The world looks at weakness through a different lens than we as Christ-followers should. See here in this verse, God is reminding us that He and He alone is all you need; so much so that when we are aware lowest, He is at His strongest. Sounds awkward I know but its only when we stop trying to fix everything ourselves and place those burdens all upon OUR shoulders that God will show just how strong He really is…..

God’s Grace IS sufficient my friends, willing to give it all to Him and experience His Grace? It’s just a prayer away my friends…

Make it a great day and talk to you soon,

Peace and Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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