Solar Eclipse of the Heart

Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend! Before I get started I would like to ask for your help. Not for me but for a very close and dear family member who is currently undergoing cancer treatments. I wont get into all the details for they are on the following link but please, if you can afford to help we would greatly appreciate it. If not, definitely would appreciate your prayers as she goes through this very difficult trial… is the link. Thank you!!

So in case you haven’t heard we are having a bit of an event on Monday. For only the second time in my lifetime that I can remember, we have a very visible full solar eclipse. I am sure it will be a beautiful sight and one that will be remembered. But for me it has a deeper meaning that I think in this time of constant fighting and hate being spread around we can hold onto. Folks, we are not the center of the Universe! There is a Creation out there that is so much bigger and more important than us, we need to understand this as we witness this great event.

So many times, including myself, we feel as if the world really does revolve around us. That our needs and our wants come before everything and anything. We currently have a whole generation filled with people that encapsulate the theory that says “do whatever you want as long as it makes you feel good”. There seems to be no bar that applies to this for every day it keeps getting lowered. Guess what, we are so wrong…..

Much of this stems from the fact that even though there are 7 billion of us on the planet and have technology that can connect every single one of us by the clicking of a button, we feel more alone than ever. This feeling of loneliness has caused us to place ourselves at the center of the Universe thinking that we and we alone are what the sun revolves around. This event on Monday should show us differently. We are not the center of the Universe and we are definitely not alone. We may feel that way but our Enemy has a way of distorting our feelings into a false reality. He couldn’t be more wrong….

So as we very carefully look and witness this majestic event in a couple of days remember these few things..

  1. You are not alone!
  2. This event you are looking at was not created from pond scum by chance.
  3. We have been given such a beautiful gift in this planet, maybe we should treasure it just a bit more.
  4. The One that created what you are witnessing also created you and loves you more than you can imagine.
  5. Remember that no matter what you are going through, just as the moon passes in front of the sun, so will these trials you are going though. And on the other side, the Light will be brighter than ever!

Have a great day my friends and if you like my writing, would you please follow along and share my link with others. You can find me also on Twitter at @davidafischer71 

Peace and Love,


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