Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great Monday and enjoyed the Eclipse. I was only 8 the last time we had one so this was a pretty neat experience for me. In Michigan it was pretty cloudy so we didn’t have the best view but thankfully to the internet there were some fantastic pictures taken; especially the ones by NASA from space. How can you possibly look at that and not know that there is a God. A God that has not only created the Sun, Moon, and the Stars but you and I as well. Amazing thing is that what we saw yesterday is only a preview of His Majesty and just as equally amazing His hope….

One of the reasons I love football so much is there is always the hope that my favorite team (THE Miami Dolphins) will win that week and hopefully that year. I have had a lot of time to build up this hope as we haven’t been very good for a while now but there is still hope. Hope is something we are desperately needing today wouldn’t you say? If you listen to the media you would think that EVERYONE hates each other and that there is no alternative but to fight others that disagree with you. This is all part of the deception that I know exists and is tearing us apart. The Truth is that there is more Hope than you can imagine! Things are not as bad as they seem and there is a Hope that is just waiting for you to reach out to in Jesus.

I’m not talking about religion or man made practices but instead THE Creator that gave you that eclipse yesterday also has given you Life!; life both here and in the world to come. One thing though, God is a gentleman and He will never force His way into your heart. So you are left with an option, are you ready?

You can continue to buy into the lies that the media is giving us or you can explore for yourself. If you choose to explore, I promise you that a whole other world exists; a world with Someone that loves you unconditionally and will give you hope that you never knew existed. The choice is up to you, which will it be? Make the choice for Hope and I will show you exactly what I mean….. 😉

Peace and Love,


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  1. Hope is a fickle thing. It can lead a revolt, it can cause passivness, it can cause wars and it can cause a man with no chance of survival live on. Hope is miraculous, but it’s shaped by our perceptions. We need to make sure hope is targeted and shaped by God For true peace 🙂

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