Your Choice- 8/26/17

Good morning! Sorry for the late post today but for the first time in forever I slept in! Woke up at 9:30 which is unheard of for me but it has been a rough week and my body needed rest. Hope everyone is doing well and a big THANK YOU to the new followers of this blog. My dream for a long time has been to be a writer and you being here is helping support that dream. Would love to hear from as many of you as possible via whatever method works; Facebook, Twitter, comment here, or shoot me a text (269-363-0932). I promise you wont be stalked haha

So I have talked about choice a lot and I feel more than ever it is important that every day we make the right choice concerning our feelings and what we perceive to be truth. The media spends ALL their time trying to convience us that the world is ending and things are without hope. We have multi-millionaires protesting they don’t have a fair chance because all white people are racists, we have “white supremacists” that think they speak for all white folks to ignite a fight wherever they can, we have social media outlets that provide a forum to say whatever you want whenever you want without any reprocussions. So you might be asking, what is your point David?” My point is this…..

NOONE can MAKE you feel any particular way, people simply don’t have that power. How you feel and how you react to things is ENTIRELY up to YOU. In this fashion you have the choice to believe that everything is bad and awful and fascist and racist or you can start to look for truth. Post good and positive stories on Twitter, when your talking with your friends, tell how someone helped you in a situation, look for the positives in every situation rather than the negative. Is the world evil? Yep and will continue to be so until the day that Jesus comes back and restores things to the way that they were meant to be before Adam and Eve messed it all up. However, I can tell you that just in my little corner of the world grace and love are shown all the time. I have great friends and family that love and support each other that are white, black, Hispanic, Indian, atheist, God-fearing, you name it and guess what, no issues. Not saying there aren’t issues out there but I feel deep in my heart there are more positives than you would even realize. We simply have to be open to see them; believing the worst in people is much easier I guess…..

Friends, help me out here. If you have a story about something positive, share it with me! In any of the way I mentioned above. I know they are out there, let start a revolution of positivity! Who is with me? I look forward to hearing from you all, have a blessed Saturday!

Hope and Grace,


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