Stop The Lies

Ever wonder what is true and what is false? Ever wonder who and what determines that truth or falsehood? Good morning and welcome. My main mission in life is to bring others to Christ where their life both here and eternally can be changed forever. However, we have a problem…..It’s not so easy anymore and its because of “pick your adjective” above. You are being deceived and the worst part is you don’t even care. Let me explain….

There was a time in this world where God and His Son perminated the lives of people. Not everyone believed but Truth was revealed to humanity as a person, not just an action. Truth came in the form of God’s Son Jesus Christ and all that is good with Him. Fast forward to today; we live in a 24 hour news cycle, we have up to the second information right at our fingertips via Twitter, Facebook, .com sites everywhere, you get the point. Not that in and of themselves these things are evil but the problem is that they have become the replacement for God. We have told God, “we don’t need you, we have created our own god and placed an alter to him”. The god of this world is the internet and the we have placed our hopes, dreams, and livelihoods on this alter created by us. Well, unlike God Himself, these things we have created can be corrupted and give out falsehoods, deception, inaccuracies, etc. So now we have replaced Truth with Lies and Lies come from a whole different place (which if you don’t know where that is, message me and I will be happy to share it with you).

So, I am thinking, how can I reach people with this beautiful message of Christ through all of this mess; then it hit. I need to start a movement. Throughout history, God’s people have started revivals to bring people back to Truth. This time, the revival needs to be different. We need to show people that they are being deceived and help them shed the mask of Lies so they can clearly make a choice. So that is where this all leads friends, I will be doing everything I can to expose the lies of people, news, and media wherever possible. Not to be their judge but to clear the scales from your eyes so you can at last see Truth. Truth that loves you and would never decieve you unlike the new god of this world. Will you join me? Will you help expose the Lies and the Liar? Unconventional times call for unconventional methods; a new movement needs to begin before its too late. 

Bringing the Light,


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