Now That You Have Started..

Good morning friends. I hope this finds you doing well and on the beginning of a new journey to seek Truth. Truth not just as an action but as a Person in Jesus Christ. I say this not to be “religious” but to give you hope; a hope that can only be found through Him….

You know how the easiest thing sometimes in our lives is to start something? For me I have been on a million different diets and lost a ton of weight. Problem is I never finish that race and gain it all back. The hardest part of any journey is not just starting it but sustaining it. Giving up is something that comes way too easy, especially for me, so what do we do? If you are indeed on that journey to find Truth amongst the lies of this world, it can be a daunting and frustrating experience. So much is thrown at you from the “other” side and very little from the side of Truth that it can make you feel that you will never find It. This is why I point you to the Scripture above….

Doing good for others can take many different forms, it might be helping out a neighbor with their rent payment this month, it might be just listening to a co-worker when they are about to lose their minds, it might just also be taking a leap against the grain and revealing God’s Word to someone that has been deceived by the Enemy’s lies. All of this can make us feel tired and weary both physically and spiritually but the Bible tells us to not let it get to us because in the end it will all be worth it! That all of our trials, all of our work, and all of our weariness will be rewarded to those that stay the course. Now we don’t do these things to earn a reward and trust me God knows your intentions, but doesn’t it make it just a little easier knowing that all of this has a purpose? That you are not engaging in a fight that has no value or worth in the end? I know it does for me and I can’t imagine a day where even at the smallest levels I know that God has my back in this fight.

Friends, this search for Truth may take us to some dark places; the Enemy of our souls will fight and claw his way to keep us down and from the Truth. He has crafted a very elaborate plan to keep you and I deceived so that we will never discover God’s love for us and the love that we share for each other. There are problems in this world and we should stand up for what is right, however, with every viewpoint there is another, only God is absolute. Open your minds and your hearts today friends and let God fill your soul with Truth, you will be amazed at what you find….

Have a blessed day everyone!

Truth and Love,


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