Some Introspective

For the afternoon crowd. 🙂

David Fischer


Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend. Coffee is brewing and I believe I am rested up. Last night I had my doubts because I was so tired that I had a really hard time falling asleep. Finally though I did and arose with coffee on the mind, showered, dressed and here I am. With my surgery coming up in about a week, I have some thinking to do and thought I would share it with you all. So for today, some introspective on yours truly….

Do you ever ask yourselves, “Is it really just me”? As those of you that truly know me, I can be like an acquired taste. Not for everyone but those that love me, REALLY love me. Everyone else just kind of crinkles their nose and walks by. Part of the reason for that is three fold…

  1. After years of holding back, I typically say…

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Where Is The Love?

In case you missed it 🙂

David Fischer


” Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins” 1 Peter 4:8

Good morning/afternoon everyone. Quick and to the point today, where is the love? Over the last few days and weeks I have seen alot of people spewing alot of hate from all sides of the table. You know which table I am talking about; the kneeling or standing during the Anthem table. A table which I have purposefully distanced myself from because every time something like this happens, instead of coming together in love we get what we have today. Division, hate, disrespect, and in most cases a general lack of understanding of each others’ point of view. Let me clear about this….we are to love each other no matter what! Did God not do the same for you?

For instance, I hear alot about how disrespectful people are because they are…

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Left Hand, Right Hand

Important, please read!!

David Fischer

Hello everyone and welcome to HUMPDAY!! This may or may not mean much to you depending on your work day but for me it means the week is half over and the weekend is near! Made it through the night and now working from home today so I can go to my next PreOp appointment for my hip replacement. Continued prayers please as the day gets ever closer..

So one of things I did last night was watch a movie called The Circle. The Circle stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson which is pretty much a movie that depicts shall we say Facebook on steroids. The idea behind it was that there was one central location where all information was stored in the world. All information including emails, texts, social media inputs, you get the drift. And of course the best place to house all this information was at The…

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