Take Action

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday! It has been an interesting week to say the least, right? From moving to health issues to “insert latest trial here” it has been a week to forget. Or maybe in some ways not to forget les we fall into the ever failing definition of insanity. More times than not we go through these trials to refine us and teach us what NOT to do or say. I know that is true with me and if we are all honest with ourselves you as well. Anyway, a big thank you to all that stopped by yesterday and either read my blog or decided to take the leap and follow. It was one of the most active days for my writing yet and I look forward to the days, weeks, and months ahead as I look to my goals.

Love; sometimes I wish this word was never created for us as humans. I mean its almost as if we are setup to fail sometimes…We all say we love each other but the bar has been set so high for what love really means, no one can achieve it; at least now. Maybe like what I said before, its more of how NOT to love rather than how to love. Love in its purest form was achieved only by Jesus who offered Himself in our place on that old rugged cross. He was the only perfect being and the only one that will ever love in the way it was designed. With that said, can we get close? Well I do think so but that takes something most of us don’t have that Jesus did; sacrifice and to eliminate self-love…See the Scriptures tell us that when we come to Christ as Savior we must die to ourselves. That doesn’t mean we go jump off a bridge, it means that we no longer put ourselves first and instead put Him first and then all others. There is also a “pecking” order of things which in our society today we have definitely screwed up. (Yes I said screwed, get over it) God first, spouse second, children third, then everyone else. Hard to do I know but essential none the less. It also reveals that we stop worrying about ourselves. How many songs over the years have been written about the Universe not revolving around you? Well its funny but its true, it really doesn’t. So what do we do? Easy to say, hard to do but here goes…

1. Make Jesus your Savior, without that you are incapable of loving anyone the way they truly should be loved. Period.

2. Realize that love is not a feeling, another lie that has been created, rather it is an action. Every time you SAY I love you and don’t show it, your words are meaningless.

3. And this is a biggie for yours truly, stop worrying about how everyone else is treating you and instead focus on how you are treating everyone.

I know this is hard, especially when we have those in our lives that seem “unworthy” of love. The truth is we are all loved and need love in different ways. The ultimate love comes from Christ and should always be our guide. Especially when you have folks like me that make it down right almost impossible to love. I come from a loveless family as a youth so everything I have learned about love has been a learning experience. I make mistakes often but hopefully I learn from them and we can learn from each other….

Have a great day my friends and be a source of love to someone today. 😉


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