Good Morning!


(Art credit above goes to Alyn at DeviantArt. I highly suggest you visit there and look up their work, stunning!)

Good morning friends and welcome to the weekend! I got to sleep in a little, heck more than I usually do, woke up to a mess but meh its all good. I have a roof over my head, was able to take a shower, and most importantly have a cup of coffee by my side while I write. Speaking of said writing, I have been doing some thinking of how I can become a better writer and still get my message of hope out to to others. The world has become so complicated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc that it can be hard to leave a footprint. So, I did some self-awareness exercises and came up with a plan….

See, I am passionate about many things; things like God, family, and sports (mostly football, Go Fins!)  So I thought, why limit myself to one subject? Maybe others would like to hear my thoughts on things other than just spirituality and how we are being deceived. I mean we are being deceived but I know sometimes its good to take a break from the heaviness of that subject and discuss other things. So, with that said I will be starting to write on more of a variety of subjects that fall within my passions. Make no mistake though, my first and foremost mission is to try and remove that veil from many of your eyes on what exactly is Truth; not what it is but Who it is….

We all have choices in life; as above, we can go in either direction, it is entirely up to you. I hope that through my writing, you will discover which is which. I am still learning too so we are all in this together. I hope that no matter what I write about each day, it brings you a little more hope, a little more joy, even maybe a laugh or two. Sound good? Great! I am going to leave a couple of links below in hopes you can follow my work there as well as here and spread the word through these outlets. I know there are a million other places you could be this morning; thank you for spending a few minutes with me.

Peace, Love and Truth,


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