Is It Necessary?


Good Thursday morning everyone! Back onto my regular shift so yep, back to my more “normal” posts. I hope this find each of you well and coming closer to Truth every day! The Truth that we can only find with a relationship with our Creator and His Son. With that said, let’s think shall we?

I feel like a broken record sometimes when I say this, but I truly think I was raised on a different planet and just dropped here. This feeling extends even into the workplace to which I write about today. My question is….Is it really necessary, or even appropriate to use profanity in the workplace? Now I get that really we shouldn’t use it at all but somehow in a professional setting it just seems really out of place to me…

When I was in my “other” career in Retail Management we actually had policies against this; the thought was that even in casual conversation, profanity had the potential to insight anger, hostility, and was just not in good taste or class. Recently I have come to understand, this thought process no longer exists. I have heard everything from every level come spewing out of others’ mouths (managers and otherwise) and it is completely acceptable. Almost no word is out of bounds and I just wonder; are we really that far gone?? Make no mistake, it comes out of my mouth as well (especially during Dolphin games) but at work it just seems incredible to me that this is tolerated.

A couple of years ago I was in a meeting where I was the only guy and maybe 11 or so other women. The leader of the meeting was a guy and he launches a myriad of vulgarities with no consideration of the ladies in the room. Afterwards I asked my boss when did this become acceptable and they were pretty much like “it just is”. What?? Has the bar been lowered so far that even in the workplace we cannot escape it? I know the world is changing but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We can be better, we can act with more class and professionalism, and we can demand respect from those that lead us, amen?


Friends, my favorite picture here again illustrates that we should shoot for the higher fishbowl in all we do. Shoot for the higher expectations first in ourselves and then from others. Everyone is always starting trends these days, how about we start one right here where we bring class and respect back into the workplace and into our lives? Who is with me? Start today! Demand more! Dive higher!

Peace and Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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