Left Hand, Right Hand

Hello everyone and welcome to HUMPDAY!! This may or may not mean much to you depending on your work day but for me it means the week is half over and the weekend is near! Made it through the night and now working from home today so I can go to my next PreOp appointment for my hip replacement. Continued prayers please as the day gets ever closer..

So one of things I did last night was watch a movie called The Circle. The Circle stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson which is pretty much a movie that depicts shall we say Facebook on steroids. The idea behind it was that there was one central location where all information was stored in the world. All information including emails, texts, social media inputs, you get the drift. And of course the best place to house all this information was at The Circle. I will tell you this wasn’t the best movie I have ever seen as far as acting and plot. You pretty much get the whole idea of where the movie is going in the first five minutes and the casting seemed a little over the top for a movie like this; Tom Hanks and Emma Watson just seemed to “celebrityish” for the roles that they played. With that said, by the end of the movie, I wanted to toss every piece of technology I had in the shredder and go live like the old school Amish do. It literally puts chills up my spine and as much as I have seen in life, that is hard to do…

While the movie was an exaggerated view of the power of social media, I don’t think we are that far off from the Uptopian style visions it laid out. I mean, just look at us today. Look how much privacy we have given up in the name of convience; ever wonder where all that information you just searched for in Google is stored? Ever wonder how when you walk into a grocery store your phone gives you that alert, “Welcome to Walmart, would you like to check in and look at the weekly ad?” Most of us think nothing of it, that it is just a convenient way of living and don’t give it a second thought. You should, you really should though….

See my friends, we have come to a crossroads. Our society and business is so wound up with technology that to destroy it now would be to destroy our complete way of life; that is not happening. I have seen people that seriously lose their minds when they can’t find their cell phone, I can’t even imagine the chaos if the technology no longer existed. But make no mistake, there is an agenda. The agenda is to keep you looking at the “left hand” while the “right hand” is doing all the orchestrating. Did you know that your cell phone camera can be used to track you and record your every movement? Did you know that even when that cell phone is off it generates a location tracker that could detect exactly where that phone is at any time? Did you know that every time you search for something in Google it is stored on their servers to determine your habits? All in the name of convience; how much more are you willing to give up? Do we even care that we are puppets?

Friends, I’m not asking you to give up technology. Like money its not evil its the love for it and the way it is used. The Prince and the Power of the Air have orchestrated things so that you are now totally dependent on these devices and the convience they bring. Is there any limit to which you would not go to have it? Heck without it I couldn’t be writing this very article, but are there levels that we must declare are unacceptable? What say you? Remember, I offer only the Truth, what you do with it is up to you my friends. Remember, you still have control; use it while you can…..

Peace, Love, and Truth,


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