Where Is The Love?


” Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins” 1 Peter 4:8

Good morning/afternoon everyone. Quick and to the point today, where is the love? Over the last few days and weeks I have seen alot of people spewing alot of hate from all sides of the table. You know which table I am talking about; the kneeling or standing during the Anthem table. A table which I have purposefully distanced myself from because every time something like this happens, instead of coming together in love we get what we have today. Division, hate, disrespect, and in most cases a general lack of understanding of each others’ point of view. Let me clear about this….we are to love each other no matter what! Did God not do the same for you?

For instance, I hear alot about how disrespectful people are because they are kneeling for the Anthem. Ok you may be right but do you truly understand why are military sacrifices they way they do? I’m sure when my nephews signed up to serve our country the way they have their thought wasn’t “Oooh, lets go sign up so people can respect us by standing at the flag!” No they signed up because they understand that this is pretty much the last country that gives you freedom and they help defend that freedom every day! Freedom to do things that you or I may not agree with but freedom nonetheless. So really who is the group of people being disrespectful? Makes one think a little huh?

In the end regardless of how we feel on any subject, our responses should be covered in love, not hate and division. If you hate what the President is doing, what love actions have YOU taken to counter it? Burning your merchandise and throwing a profanity laced tirade on Facebook is not countering hate with love; any  two year old can throw a fit, it takes the ultimate respect however to show others that disagree with you love and compassion. Maybe, just maybe that love action would lead to more understanding of the other side? Maybe that love action would help cover your own sins….hmmmmm

Think about it friends, give it some heartfelt thoughts before you take any more action. Love to all everyone and please, help this old guy out and share my blog with others.



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