Why Argue?

Good Sunday to everyone! Up nice and early for me on a Sunday and for one reason only, MIAMI DOLPHINS FOOTBALL!! How many UK peeps do I have out there? Hopefully your supporting my Fins and not those Saints! You all always make the Dolphins feel right at home and I know they appreciate it; maybe soon London will have their own NFL franchise. 🙂 But I digress; question for you all this morning…why do we have to argue??

In today’s world we just cant seem to get away from arguing and insulting those that share a different opinion than us. You know its ok that we don’t all view things the same way right? For instance, some guy on Twitter couldn’t even have a football conversation without it turning to insults. I had expressed that the hit given by the Chicago Bears player deserved more than a two game suspension. To me the hit was clearly intended to severely hurt the other player (in the head) who had to be airlifted to the hospital. He is ok (for now) but I was of the opinion that he deserved more than a two game suspsension. Well Mr. Happy Pants disagreed and said I had an “idiotic way of thinking” on the subject. Really? So is that your best defense to a topic is to name call the other person? I just don’t get it. So I quickly ended the conversation (because the Bible says something about arguing with fools) and told him to have a nice day. He kept on anyway to which point I muted him. But, the point is still out there; why must we resort to name calling and insults when we have a conversation with someone that shares a different viewpoint than us?

It has been going on since Jesus’ day but I always hear how we must be more “tolerant” of people and their ways. Does that mean only people that agree with YOU? I think what some are really wanting is a dictatorship not free expression of thought and ideas. Make no mistake, this comes from all sides; not just the liberals, conservatives, you are just as bad with this. We must be able to have a civilized conversation without it turning to insults. Any two year old can throw a fit and name call; is that what we have become? A world of overgrown two year olds? What say you? In between the football games, let me know your thoughts! Have a great Sunday and Go Fins!!

Peace, Love, and Truth,


P.S. Oh I almost forgot, yesterday a new record was set for views on this blog; 78!! That is incredible for me, plus six new people joined us on our journey. Just had to thank you all and let’s keep it going! Please share this blog on your Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thank you!!!

Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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