Monday-Self Image

self image

Good Monday morning friends. I hope your weekend went well and you are up and ready for another glorious Monday. (I am of the thought if I keep telling myself that I will believe it!) My Dolphins got made to look like a high school team so that never starts my Monday off well, so here is to another week and another week of hope though right? Right! Now moving forward..

First off, you must understand one thing; Lucifer is real. Lucifer is a real entity who hates you. Hates everything about you; in fact hates you so much he does everything he can within his limited power to destroy you. One HUGE way he does this is self-image. Sometimes it can go either way; either we think too little of ourselves or are too full of ourselves. In either case, they are lies and are very self-destructive to which he is all about. He knows he is going to Hell for all eternity and wants all of you to be there with him. For our purposes today, we will focus on the too little of ourselves…

See that cat up there? He thinks all he sees is a small, insignificant cat. A animal with little power or influence. In the cat’s eyes, all it will ever be is that, just a cat. (Wow, that rhymed and I didn’t even try). This same cat probably sees an animal with very little physical attributes as well, always striving to get to be more than a cat but with no success; sounding familiar? Do you ever look in the mirror and feel like what you see is all you will ever be? That what you see is insignificant and inferior to others? Well you and our cat have something in common; you have been deceived by our Enemy. Now let’s say the cat looked upon itself with God’s eyes…

BAM, what does it now see? It sees a raging lion staring back at him, full of strength, beauty, Majesty, and purpose. it is not a sight of ego or vanity but a sight of how God sees us and not our Enemy. Do you smell what I’m cooking? You may look in the mirror today and think “wow, I’m fat, or wow I don’t have a twelve pack” but you know what? That is just the Enemy using vanity to bring you down. Just like if you give yourself to money, your physical traits will never be enough. There is a reason GNC is a BILLION dollar industry, they don’t care about your true self-worth, they want your money and that is it. Should we be healthy? Of course, God wants us to take care of our temple, but when you look in that mirror you should never see a cat, you should see that lion! A lion that can conquer anything through Christ whose eyes you now see through….

Friends, money and vanity are Lucifer’s favorite sins. If he can keep you focused on that, he has won. You are now dependent upon a system of lies and deception that will keep you from serving God in the way He has called you to serve. I often tell others some of the most treasured times I have had in my life is when I had the least money and things. Do I plan to work on this temple? Oh yeah, after my surgery its full steam ahead; I also am a tad unhealthy which God does not want. You think He does want skeletons walking around either? No. You want to know one more example of this? The official US Government standard of someone my height and body style says I should weigh 155 pounds. I can tell you with certainty that I would be home with Jesus before my body ever accepted that friends. It all goes back to this though….

As Christ followers we are called to die to self. That means that we give up what WE want and place our lives in His hands. Not GNC’s. not Twitter’s, not WordPress, or anything else but God and God alone. Trust me today, He sees you as a lion, will you continue to see yourself through the eyes of your Enemy who hates you or the One that loved you even before Creation? The choice, as always, is yours, choose carefully my friends….

Peace, Love, and Truth,


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