Rough Night


Above is actual live footage from me about 2am earlier when the pain in my hip/leg was so bad I was about to rip it out myself…The hard part right now is normally I can take ibuprofen for it but with my upcoming surgery, I have not been able to. Tylenol helps a little but not enough unfortunately.

I would continue to ask for your thoughts and prayers as Tuesday creeps up on us. I pray that through this pain would come a new beginning. A new beginning for my health and so for my life. Folks at this point I can’t even put my shoe on without contorting my body into a position that most horror movies would be proud of. The frustration level is off the charts….

I know its not the cause but being 370 pounds doesn’t help either; I pray that this new beginning on Tuesday will give me the motivation to finally overcome this lifestyle fight with food and be a testimony for what God can do once you fully commit to something. That’s it for now my friends; off to work then date night with my bride. When you get to my point in life, its the little things that keep you going. Time with my bride and a new hip sound like a good few days ahead….

Peace, Love, and Truth,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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