Good morning everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a meaningful blog update so to help me start getting my life back in some sort of order I thought I would type one up. It will be four weeks tomorrow that I had my surgery and its time to start getting back to a more normal routine. 

So the pain that I had before is gone, I will start there. Praise God for that! Sometimes I even forget the amount of pain I was in before because I get so consumed with the recovery process. Some days I just need to remind myself that this pain is going to go away; the other would not have. 

For the most part my incision is all healed up on the outside. It is a 9.5 inch scar which can be difficult to look at sometimes but other than a few spots, its pretty good to go. Inside of course will take longer but after what they did to me that is not a surprise. My bride has been nice enough to keep it moist by putting some lotion on it daily so the dry skin stays at a minimum.

The most surprising thing about this recovery has been the emotional part of it. There are times where pain is at a minimum and I’m in a pretty good mood; other times the pain comes seeping back in and I feel like I could cry a river any second. It has also set me up to have no filter at times which can be extremely frustrating for my family which unfortunately takes the brunt of that. I have been trying hard not to be that way but alas it happens. My bride and my family has been so supportive through all of this; I can’t begin to tell you how I would have never made it to this point without them. Especially Marcy who has major health issues of her own yet somehow puts them aside to take care of me. Where she gets the strength for this I will never know….

Well friends, that is my update for now. I will try and write again tomorrow. My head is still pretty foggy so I apologize in advance if my thoughts are not real clear. I love you all and please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers.



P.S. I put the UM picture up because apparently that is the only one of my teams that cares to actually play football lol

Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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