Hello Again

Good morning everyone. I know I have done a horrible job of keeping up with my posts. This journey of mine since my surgery has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. There have been many ups and downs both physically and mentally; but it would thankfully seem I am on the upside of both right now.

I think the mental part was the most surprising of it all. I never equated that having a hip replaced would turn into this storm of emotions that raged within me during the last six weeks. My family was very supportive in putting up with all of this, but until you go through something like this its hard to relate.

Physically, I still can’t sleep all night. Up every 2 hours is not conducive for a great mental state but that too is getting better. I go back to work on January 2 to which I intend to be at full steam ahead in these functions. Although I have been told the entire healing process can take up to a year.

Well, that is the latest and greatest. I hope to be back writing these posts more regularly again and getting back to my original topic of removing the veil of deceit over the eyes of the lost souls of this world. With that in mind, it would appear that veil is dropping rapidly…..Be good folks, be kind, have grace for others, and put yourself second.




Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow bloggers and those that follow me along in my journey. Have a blessed day with lots of family and food!


Good Morning

Radically Saved

Good morning/afternoon everyone. I have not done a real good job of keeping up on my blog posts during this recovery time. My initial plan was to document daily how I was doing, however, the reality of my situation put me on a different direction.So today I give you an update. I hope that there are still those of you around that are interested in my ramblings lol.

As I said the other day, this procedure that I had done is turning out to be just as much a emotional one as a physical one. Maybe some of it is the drugs they put you on, maybe some of it is how dependent you become on others, I’m really not sure, however what I can say is that in many respects I feel as if I have lost many of these challenges….

My filter has been completely gone most days…

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