Been A Few Days

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you all doing well. It’s been a few days since I have posted because we had another medical issue strike my family and I have been otherwise occupied. I was woke up on Saturday morning by my oldest son telling me that my wife was in the hospital and they had to do emergency surgery on her kidney or she could possibly lose it….

The first thing I felt was, “how in the heck did my wife go to the ER without me knowing it”. I felt horrible but didn’t really have time to process it, I just needed to go with my son and get to the hospital quick. It turns out the hospital where the ER was could not do the surgery so we had to take her to another one about 15 minutes out. After we got there and got her checked in, they did another urine test and it turned out that she did not have an infection in her kidney itself but she did have about a half inch kidney stone that was blocking things that I can’t spell….

So, they destroyed the stone all Star Wars like and placed a stint in her to help remove any additional pieces. We brought her home the same day but as you can imagine she is in a tremendous amount of pain. I just wanted to say “really God, have we not been through enough in the last few months?” That’s always the first reaction for me is to blame the One that gives me life, but seriously?

Right after that thought though I was simply grateful that my bride and I are both breathing and still able to function. We both may be wounded but we are still here fighting the fight. So that is where I have been the last few days; apologies for not keeping up but family comes first. Hopefully this doesn’t get posted too late where no one sees it. LOL



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