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Radically Saved

Good morning everyone! Hope you had your coffee or tea and are ready for a great day! I came across something on Twitter yesterday and I knew right away that I needed to write about it today. Be warned, you might take offense but it wouldn’t be the first time lol.

So I came across this debate on how to speak in front of women. Apparently there was a Pro Football player who during an interview said to the female reporter, “Excuse me but I have to go take a s**t.” There was some feedback on both sides about whether or not this was appropriate. Then a high profile ESPN reporter took offense that some people would say he shouldn’t have said that because women are equal and can handle anything that player would have said in front of a man. I responded to her that, at least for me…

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Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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