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When life takes its own course sometimes we just don’t get to choose… – Ian Axel

What if there are miracles you never dreamed of hoping for? We’ve all heard it before, and somewhere in the back of our heads we know it, but I’m not sure many of us take much time to think about the fact that at any moment, everything we have ever known could be gone.

Today I went to a children’s cancer home (CHOC) to give out health goodie bags, cupcakes and spend time there. I couldn’t help but be in such awe of their strength and optimism. It struck me as extraordinary that they could muster such unflappable peace, love and positivity on the face of something as momentous as death. Literally brought me to tears in gratitude and admiration.

I don’t have enough words to describe my experience here, but I do pray…

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What a Beautiful Name

Black Thoughts


I love to listen to worship music.  Stephen is a reader and a writer and I love to sing.  Although I love to sing it doesn’t actually mean that I can sing and if I am really honest I couldn’t carry a note in a bucket but that doesn’t stop me.  As part of the new changes to Fractured Faith Blog I want to share some of my favourite worship songs with you.

This song “What a Beautiful Name” is from Hillsong Australia and every time I listen to it I get goose bumps.  It sings about the name of Jesus and tells us how powerful the name of Jesus is.  No other name can break the power of darkness, no other name can save lives, no other name can heal illness or disease, no other name can break the chains of depression or addiction. Wow what other name can do that what a beautiful…

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Billy Graham’s Reward

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

Many of you are probably aware that Billy Graham passed away this morning. He was a very prominent American evangelist of the 20th century. Only Heaven knows the number of people impacted for eternity because Billy Graham faithfully proclaimed the gospel. More importantly, he lived the gospel.

I grieve today because that generation of preachers is almost gone. I’m not saying that they are dead. I’m saying that this current generation is full of those who prostitute the gospel for selfish reasons and live a lifestyle that is extremely questionable. No one can live a life of sinless perfection, but we can at least aim to be like Jesus. Some of the top preachers in this country now are popular because they are blatantly disrespectful and have little to no regard for personal holiness. Amidst a generation of narcissistic preachers who are quite scandalous financially as well as in other…

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