Hope Continued


Good Sunday morning friends! As promised I have returned with coffee in hand and ready for the day. As I look outside my window while I type this, I’m starting to wonder if it is just going to snow all year or not. We have been due for a bad winter but enough is enough already. This guy is ready for some warm temperatures and Spring sports. But alas, God has His plans and I place my hope in that….What do you place your hope in today?

I know I talk about this alot but every day as I observe the world and what people place their hope in, it really gets discouraging. I see people place their hope in their careers, their spouses, their friends, you name it they have given themselves over to things and people that could never possibly give them the hope that they so desperately need.

Meanwhile, the One that can give them this hope is just waiting in the wings to be asked…Folks, I try to be real and not some legalistic Christian that plays by rules that frankly don’t exist and for this its no different. Trust me when I say that I have been down that road, still do sometimes, and every single time it ends in disappointment. The only time my hope does not get shattered is when I have placed that situation in the hands of Jesus..

He created me, He chased me down so that I may have an opportunity for REAL life both here and eternal, He loves me in ways that no human even has the capability of, so why should I place my hope in anything else? Does this sound at all familiar? Friends, this process is not easy but yet if you are truly looking for answers and hope, only One way is possible; the Creator and His only Son Jesus Christ.

Soon, the time for choosing will be over; I ask you this day one more time…where have you laid your hope this morning…..

Faith, Hope, Love,


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