Good morning again friends; do I have your attention? I hope so because this might be the most important message I ever bring you. It didn’t really hit me until this morning but that is not surprising; that is how God usually brings these things to me. So, why the big warning? We have entered a new realm…..

I purposely have stayed away from discussing the events down in Florida up until now because emotions are of course very raw and for those on both sides of the issue there is simply no listening to each other at this point. So, me stepping in and flaming either side served no purpose; until now…..

If I had just heard this once, I might have dismissed it but I heard it MANY times from ALL ages and it has brought me to understand that our time is shorter than even I thought. What was said? “WE DON’T WANT YOUR PRAYERS. WE WANT ACTION”. Oh gosh the phrase that Jesus said “Father forgive them for they no not what they do” has never been more relevant…. These folks have no clue the evil they are about to unleash upon this world….

For years we have been kicking God out of everything, ESPECIALLY our schools and then wonder why these senseless acts happen. We blame them on guns, tolerance, etc, however the real problem is we have kicked God out and slammed the door. Now we are angrily demanding that we stay away with our prayers. Folks, get ready….

Even us believers have a hard time with prayer; if we TRULY understood the power that comes from TRUE prayer, you would never leave your knees. We don’t understand that prayer is a direct contact with the Creator of the Universe; how can we just DEMAND that we not go to Him?? I know that people get frustrated with the timing of God’s answers, I have been one of them. With that said, I have seen God answer my prayers immediately as well!

Friends, if we really want prayers gone then there must be something to fill the void. There is something and he has now been given permission to come into their hearts and lives more than ever before…The Angel of Light is about to descend upon this world like never before. I will say this though; I still have hope! I have hope because I know that all of this has been foretold and soon ALL will be restored and we will be living in eternal paradise with our Father. Hold on to that my friends; times are about to get very rough. I PRAY that all of you reading this know Jesus as Savior. The time for true ACTION is indeed now; but with our prayers… no matter how much the world wants to stop we must not! Amen?

Love and Prayers,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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