The Godly Chic Diaries

When life takes its own course sometimes we just don’t get to choose… – Ian Axel

What if there are miracles you never dreamed of hoping for? We’ve all heard it before, and somewhere in the back of our heads we know it, but I’m not sure many of us take much time to think about the fact that at any moment, everything we have ever known could be gone.

Today I went to a children’s cancer home (CHOC) to give out health goodie bags, cupcakes and spend time there. I couldn’t help but be in such awe of their strength and optimism. It struck me as extraordinary that they could muster such unflappable peace, love and positivity on the face of something as momentous as death. Literally brought me to tears in gratitude and admiration.

I don’t have enough words to describe my experience here, but I do pray…

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