Sin- Let’s Be Honest


Good Sunday Morning friends! Coffee is in hand and because yesterday’s conversation went so well, I decided to dig a little deeper on this whole Sin thing. Yesterday was a basic overall of the subject and today I would like to get a little more to the root of the problem, shall we? Let’s Roll!

So, we discussed that Adam and Eve committed the first Sin by eating of the Tree of Knowledge that God had forbidden that they eat from. We also know they, like us today, were tempted by the Enemy of God and Humanity. There is no disputing Lucifer was there “reasoning” with them on why they should go against God there; and here is where it gets interesting…..

See, so often I talk about personal responsibility. No matter the situation, there is ALWAYS two sides. One side may have more of a part in the overall discussion, but there are always at least two players in every game. The area of Sin is no different. Did Lucifer force Eve to take the Fruit from the Tree and eat it? Was she threatened in any way that if she did not eat, Lucifer would strike her down and/or kill her husband? Well, there has been no Biblical version that would lead me to believe this was part of the discussion, so what does that mean? It means that while the old Angel of Light did tempt Eve, there was no coercion or threats made. Hence, Eve……..WANTED to eat the Fruit. She WANTED to give in to temptation, and she WANTED to disobey God. Why? Not totally sure about that, hopefully someday we will get to ask her but the simple Truth that she WANTED to Sin remains.

How does this tie into us? Well, for me it goes back again to the personal responsibility portion of our discussion. In any situation, if we are to get better or overcome an obstacle in our lives, we must first see what part we played so we can get better! Ignoring our role in our troubles is a classic denial move that never works out or heals us so we can move on. Its far too easy to blame someone else for our pain and ignore the role we played in allowing it to happen. So, where Sin is concerned, let’s be honest about it. Yes, Lucifer still tempts us, but just as in the Garden, he does not have the power to FORCE us to do it, we CHOOSE to do it. Which leads us to the hard Truth that deep down we WANT to Sin, we WANT to give in to temptation, and yes we WANT to disobey God.

Kind of harsh you say? Maybe, but think about your temptations for a minute and see if I’m wrong. Lust, alcoholism, drugs, etc, they all make you temporarily “feel” good so when the rubber meets the road are we REALLY wanting to get rid of that feeling? Only when we get to the point where we are willing to be honest about our Sin can we overcome it! (This is where the Good Part comes in). This is so essential because the next step is realizing that no matter how those things make you feel, Jesus will give you a feeling never experienced before and will make you not desire those things that tempt you anymore! Is it all starting to make sense now?


God was willing to give a Perfect World to Adam and Eve if they would just obey that one rule. For reasons that we still don’t totally understand, the temptation to have more was just too much for Eve to overcome. Her inner desire was to have MORE; what is yours today? Can we stop pushing all the blame on Lucifer and start taking some personal responsibility in all of this? Once we understand that at its core, Sin is OUR fault and OUR problem, we can turn that over to Jesus and let Him bury our Sin at the Cross of Calvary so we can be set free! Amen? In this world of everything is everyone else’s fault and just do whatever you want if it makes you happy, can we at least acknowledge our role in all of this and take the first step in TRULY overcoming Sin in our lives? Jesus is offering you all of eternity; are you willing to accept? Just like our sister Eve, you have a choice; that choice begins with the Truth. What is your Truth today? Give it to God and watch Him replace that Sin with Glory!

Love in Christ,


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