Hits Home

Good morning and Happy Saturday my friends! Made it through another work week, amen? For those that have to work on the weekends; I salute you. Was there for many years and I know it stinks but praise God I have a job now that affords me the weekends off (usually). So with that said a couple of things before I get started.

1. The intent of my post today was to be about the killing of innocent life; AKA abortion. It is a subject that is near and dear to my heart but after the events this week, God gave me a different message for today. rest assured though I will get back to it.

2. The above picture is of my boys with the exception of one who is down in Florida. (Love you Aaron!). There is NOTHING I would not do for any of them and here is where my message really begins….

So as many of you know, this last year has been very difficult. From my hip replacement surgery and subsequent leg issues afterwards, to my Bride and her back/spine issues, to sickness and I could go on and on. There have been times where I thought my family was truly being punished for something. Then came Thursday…

My Bride had me call her at home because my son Josh had gotten back some blood test results that were not good. She was hysterical as any mother would be and so as any Dad would, I ran home from work to find out exactly what was going on and what we were dealing with. Turns out he has something called NASH disease of his liver. In his case its pretty rare because typically this is found in someone overweight or who is an alcoholic; neither of which he is. So, for the next five months, he is going to be getting more blood work done to develop a baseline and confirm all of this. In the meantime, he will have to never drink any alcohol again and be on a very strict low carb diet. If he does not follow this regimen he could go into liver failure by the time he is 45. Not exactly what you want to hear about one of your kids….

So, of course we have his back completely on this, in fact I texted him this morning to let him know that I was doing the no alcohol thing with him for support. I don’t really drink that much anyway so its no biggie. Our family always has and always will stick together; at least from this guys perspective anyways….Now the question you have all been waiting for, “Where is God in all of this?” I’m glad you asked!

On the way home, my first instinct was to think, Not this one God, you will not take my son from me…..Then almost immediately I thought of Abraham and how he and Sarah had waited so long for a child and then almost right away, God asks him to take Issac up to the mountain and sacrifice him. I’m sure Abraham’s first instinct was something like, Really? We waited all this time to have a son and now you want me to kill him in a sacrifice? But alas we know the story and Abraham took Issac up to the mountain only to discover that God did not want this sacrifice at all but instead to test his faith. He passed with flying colors and so then here I am making these crazy demands to God. I mean it could be so much worse and here I am DEMANDING things from the Creator. I’m sure He had a momentary chuckle. Then something else happened….

I WANTED to be angry but for some reason instead of anger, I felt POWER. Power that I had never experienced before in that I couldn’t get angry but instead had a calmness and faith like I have never had. I knew in that moment coming home that no matter what, God had our backs and would be with us till the end of the age. That we may not truly understand why things happen the way they do but in the end, God has a plan and that plan is to see us fulfill our destiny with Him! I hope I conveyed that in writing ok; it was a feeling I have never had since being a Christ follower. I guess because in that moment I also knew that no matter how much I love Josh and the rest of my boys, I will never love them as much as He does.

So to this and everything else, I place it at the foot of the Cross. I know that Jesus loves me and my family and anything thing we go through He will use to make us better. My prayer for all of you today is that you would allow God into your heart today and let Him give you that same peace. Amen? Have a great Saturday everyone!

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Had tears in my eyes for many reasons. For what you guys are going through, from a mom’s view, for Josh and his family, and of course what God did, sacrificed His son for us. What a great message, David. We are praying!

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  2. Wow! Hmm consider Job as well for an example he lost EVERYTHING! But he kept the faith and never sinned against God through the tests and temptations of the devil through his friends, wife. I pray Josh is healed in Jesus Name! God is control, be strong and know that the battle is already wonπŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸ”₯!!! Keep the FAITH! You ALL are in my prayers! …P.S. I swear that was you in the pic! Lol your sons look just like you! 😁

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