Good Saturday Morning friends; as promised I am back with another edition of who will be in uproar over my message. Just kidding (sort of), I am sure as time progresses my messages will become more controversial as the world spirals out of control. I had a little feedback from my message yesterday and I do so much appreciate those that stood with me. The silence from most though told a different story; it would seem that we are much more accepting of things than I thought. So to quote the Emperor, so be it. After all, where two or more are gathered in His name right?

Ok so onto today! First thing I wake up and see there is another march against gun control. Make no mistake, I applaud those that unite for a cause I just wonder something….is what we are marching for truly going to effect anything at this point? Gun control, pro-life, pro-choice, lifestyle choices, black, white, you name it we are marching for it. EXCEPT one very noticeable thing…Marching for God!


We have absolutely no problem marching with this on our shoulders but where is the march that will truly bring change? CHURCH…..WHERE ARE YOU??? Oh I forgot, you’ve got every Sunday booked. No time for that….Too busy making the coffee and donuts to understand that the world is burning outside and we are doing NOTHING to stop it. I apologize to those that are but come on, show me ONE march, of substance, proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and He is the answer to ALL of this, I’ll shut up. Ok, I’ll wait……

Friends, the time has come to stand up and start a revival! A revival like never before seen in America. We must let people know the Good News above all else. YOU or I will never change hearts and minds, its only God and His Holy Spirit that will do that. Amen?How many of you would be willing to march for Jesus? 1? 5?10? What kind of impact would it make if MILLIONS of us as believers marched as one to Washington DC proclaiming His name in love? Could we do it? I don’t know, but I know we NEED to do it.

Lets show the golden calf who God really is through His people!



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Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

20 thoughts on “Marching”

  1. I agree with everything you say but I don’t believe it works this way. By talking about what the devil does you feed it energy nevertheless – the only way in my opinion is to focus on what’s good – only this weakens the enemy


  2. I’m with you! Most Christians seem to be fat, dumb, and happy, and content to sit back and let the Lord take care of it. Or they believe turning the other cheek makes them good Christians and better than those who fight back. They may also believe that rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s means they cannot defy Government.
    Well, the Lord helps those who help themselves. Jesus grew angry and threw the moneychangers out of the temple. If Christians really believe all they need to do is go to Church once a week, vote, and not stand up to Government, then I feel sorry for their children who will suffer the consequences of their parents’ inaction.
    We can’t leave the world a better place, and we can’t bring others to Christ, if we aren’t willing to battle those who would ridicule our beliefs. America was founded a Christian nation; we need to return it there.

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  3. March for God. If by doing so it means we live as God wants us to live, then let’s do this! 🙂
    When we play Christians rather than live Christian lives, we fuel cries of hypocrisy. We need to live as Christians–which is to live in such a manner that those who see our actions know that what we do, we do in love. Not judgment. Not arrogance. Humble, other-facing love.

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  4. When you say “March for God” what exactly to do mean? Until you can articulate what the concept of a march for God is just stating it is as meaningless as a “March for Blue”

    God is Love – on that I hope we can at least agree. But in your march for God is their room for people who disagree with your concept of Christianity? Are liberals who fight for social justice just as welcome as conservatives who march for traditional values? Are Jews welcome? Or Muslims? They love God just as much as Christians, even if their expressions are bit different.

    The most successful marches on Washington were primarily about racial equality. They were led by great men of God like Martin Luther King and Billy Graham, But they were never billed as marches for God. The marches that have happened lately are just as much about love and justice as Dr King’s and Graham’s marches of the 60s and 70s. Any march that puts love and justice at the center is, in many ways already a march for God.

    What we need are Christian leaders to join in and lead these marches not to bemoan the absence of God but to add him to an already worthy cause.


      1. Not a problem just making sure I’m coming across clear. One Gospel that needs to be proclaimed. The world needs to hear it and we can’t be limiting ourselves to the four walls of our Sunday get together’s. Have a good one!


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