Q&A Time


Good afternoon friends,

Time to take my mind off the valley I am in and look outside of myself for some questions and answer time! For the next day, I am open to answering any questions you may have about faith, struggles, or just anything that is on your mind. Simply leave your question in the comments section below and I will respond just as quickly as I can.

Let’s make this a real community and help each other out….

What’s on your mind?



4 thoughts on “Q&A Time

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    1. Hi Bruce and welcome! Well it’s been a long year. Medically I had a hip replacement last October and ever since both my Bride and I have had a lot of health issues. We are both 47 so that’s frustrating. Now a dear family member is only days away from losing her battle with cancer. We love the Lord and know He is still in control but the valley has just lasted longer than we are used to.

      Thanks for asking my friend and again, welcome to my blog. I consider it a ministry as well so it means a lot that you are here. 🙂


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