Cancer Sucks


Good morning/afternoon/evening my friends. I won’t waste any time because I have alot to express this morning and it will come to you in two parts. So, please stay with me through the first, I promise you won’t leave discouraged….

So, as some of you know, my Bride’s stepmom was diagnosed with Cancer about a year ago. As it typically does, it was discovered from a completely separate incident and shocked all of us especially her. Cancer sucks for many reasons but one thing it doesn’t do is discriminate. It doesn’t care if your White, Black, Asian, Christian, Jew, atheist, it just doesn’t care….So for the last year, she has fought it like a champ going through the chemo treatment and any other path the doctors could provide for her. We were all praying too that God would intervene and kick this thing out.

One thing you have to know about this awesome woman before I go any further is she is a Warrior! I thought I knew what multitasking meant but she re-defined it. So many holidays I would see her cooking multiple meals at the same time while also doing the dishes, taking care of her grand kids, and all the while carrying on a conversation with multiple people that she was fully engaged in. She is our firecracker for sure; just never slowed down or stopped for a second. I guess that is why this is so difficult for all of us…

We got the call the other day that Hospice had only given her a few days left because now her liver, kidney, and pancreas had all completely shut down so if we wanted to see her alive we needed to get there ASAP. So of course we did; we went to go see her and well it was heartbreaking to see the effects of a disease take someone that was so vibrant and energetic to what she is now. Cancer is destructive beyond anything I have ever witnessed….With that said, somehow she STILL got out of her bed that Hospice brought in and came out to the kitchen area to try and talk to us. Her strength is so inspiring….

So, here on this Saturday we continue in prayer for a miracle but also pray that her transition to eternity with Jesus goes smoothly. Thank God for that blessed assurance to know that this period of frailty is only temporary. That very soon she will be reunited with my Father-in-Law where they will embrace the King of Kings together! What an assurance we all can have if we have trusted in Him as our Savior…..

I thank you all for your continued prayers for her and all the family involved. No matter how you view things, this is never easy for anyone including the people left behind. But I will close with this for those that maybe reading this and are going through the same thing. Through Jesus Christ we can ALL have eternal life. You can have the assurance that one day our frail bodies will be replaced with perfect ones and serve the Creator in Heaven for all eternity. Serve in a place that surpasses all understanding with the God that loves you also beyond all understanding. Death is NOT the end my friends, it is only a transition. Through Christ, there will be a day with no more pain, no more tears, and the final blow of Justice will be dealt. Have you made that decision yet? Don’t waste any time my friends, tomorrow is never guaranteed….

God bless you all and thank you again.


*Thanks for stopping by to read my message. Your “likes,” “comments,” and “follows” help me to grow this ministry and what God has put on my heart. I appreciate each of you and am thrilled to have you here with my on my journey.*

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    1. Thank you for stopping by but I have edited your comment. I think that leaving a link promoting your blog is in poor taste on a post about my stepmom hat just died of cancer.


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