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So, I have a challenge for all of you. I want you to REALLY think about what the above statement means to you and post a comment below. Let’s really be a community here and help each other out!

To me it means simply to put Christ first in all we do and stop worrying about how others act as a result. If we are truly mimicking Christ everything else will fall into place.



Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

9 thoughts on “Challenge”

  1. To be like Christ for me means to be on a journey of growing each day to bear the character of Christ in my daily life, thoughts, actions, desire in order for others to see the truth of Gal. 2:20, where it is no longer me that lives but Christ who loved me and died for me, living in me.

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  2. My youth community always remind us of this: we are called to live like Christ. For me, it’s about carrying His cross and and to follow His teachings and serve others especially the poor- Christ Himself was always helping the poor and it’s about that! ❀

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  3. Nice one.. to me it means Christ centred life. Like you mentioned whatever we do we put Christ first and consider what He wants me to do first then what I want to do. But to be honest living a life like that won’t be easy, everyday we are tested in many ways. But if our foundation is rooted deep in Christ I’ll be unshakable.

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