The Time is Now

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for joining me on this still cold Saturday morning (at least where I am at). I can’t tell you the amount of support and prayers my family and I have gotten over the past week from people that I have never met in person. That is what I have grown to love so much over the last year here is that this really is a community. A community that is diverse and has each other’s back in times of need. That was my goal when starting this blog and I couldn’t be happier to see it come to fruition.

Before I get started, I want to make a simple request to help grow this community. If you have been encouraged, helped, or at least found my writing somewhat interesting by what God has put on my heart each day, could you take a minute today and share my link here with others? Just have them go to and your all set! I really appreciate the support in helping our little community grow.

Ok, so here we go!

I can honestly say this has been a year like no other..If you had told me a year ago everything our family would be preparing to go up against, I would have shuttered in fear. One BIG reason why I’m glad God is the only One that knows the future. We have been through more medical issues than I can count, financial hardships, very personal family issues, and most recently the passing on of a dear loved one. Through all of it every time something happens we are sure that the trial is over and then BAM, something else happens. The thing is though,,,WE ARE STILL HERE. Praise God?

So today I asked myself at what point do we understand that life is one constant trial and just truly give it to God? At what point do we realize that worry accomplishes nothing other than making things worse? At what point do we say, I’m tired of being sad and frustrated? At what point do we realize that we have the choice to change? At what point do we finally realize that we have no control over any of this only God does?

Many questions right? Yes but all center around one choice; Now or Later? All of these things are essential to not only fulfilling God’s plan for your life but also experiencing joy while we are doing it! Yes bad things will continue to happen; we live in a fallen world and will continue to experience these things until God restores things to which they were intended to be. So, we can either decide NOW to come to grips with this and live in the promises of God, or we can decide to ignore all of it and live in frustration and misery. As I have always said, it comes down to choice.

Friends, life sucks sometimes. This past year or so has REALLY sucked; yet God has not gone back on any of His promises. He lovingly picks us back up every time we fall and gets us ready for another round. Even if we don’t realize it, we are becoming stronger. Stronger to endure the jabs from the Enemy each time he swings. Now we have the choice to make; can we find the joy? I know I have to try..I can’t live in frustration and misery for the rest of my life every time something bad happens. I can’t live in a state of constant unhappiness which hides the Light within me.

Will I have my days? Of course; but as for me I make the choice to at least TRY and find the joy in all things. What say you? What is your choice today? God Bless everyone and always remember no matter what God loves you and will always be there to pick you up.

Agape Love,


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  1. I am sorry for your struggles, David but I love what you said here, “All of these things are essential to not only fulfilling God’s plan for your life but also experiencing joy while we are doing it!.” God is the God of comfort! 🙂

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