Question Time!

Good afternoon everyone!

So for a limited time I will be answering any questions you may have for me. They can be about me personally, about spiritual matters, anything at all. The floor is yours my friends!

Either place your comments below or send me a email/text to the places below!


Phone: 269-363-0932 (Texts only please and let me know who you are.)

Peace out!


17 thoughts on “Question Time!

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  1. OK … here goes …
    Why the minion mug? (Minions are my wife’s favorites – she sends a “Minion Monday” meme to our daughters every, well, Monday. 🙂
    On a more serious note, how are you and your family doing? Tough go the past few months. Praying you are well.

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    1. Another great question! So many things brother; ironically though I would have to say technology. We have cluttered the airwaves so much with all our “stuff” we can’t hear God anymore. Not to mention the whole other level of temptation it brings.

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  2. I’ve got a biblical question, what are your thoughts on the story of the tower of Babel? I know it is rather debatable, but I’d just like to hear your thoughts on it. Why did God stop the building of the tower, and scatter the people? Some would say that he did so because they were becoming prideful of their own strength and unity.

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    1. Good morning! Actually I think you stated the answer perfectly! Since Lucifer fell, people hav been doing all they can to be like God; so much so we even try to BE God. That is what the people of the time were trying to do and God dealt with it accordingly. It’s funny because every time I see someone speaking another language it reminds me of the story of Babel. I also think about it every time I see the great buildings of our time today. Seems we haven’t learned much; we keep trying to build our towers to the heavens. Great question!! 😀

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