Who Would Be Interested?

So because I would at some point like to write to earn my income, I’m taking a survey for an idea I had.

I am thinking of putting together a collage so to speak of my daily devotionals into one e-book format. Who would be willing to pay for such a devotional? Please comment below (at no charge of course) lol




Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

11 thoughts on “Who Would Be Interested?”

  1. Hi David,
    Pray and search scripture about this brother.

    I’m not telling you what to do, maybe it’s okay, I don’t know.

    All I can speak for is myself.
    Man, I don’t believe that I could do it. Perhaps to strictly cover my actual expenses only could I charge for publishing something. But I couldn’t mentally deal with profiting on what God freely gave me in my spirit.

    I’m not condemning you my friend. I’m just giving you my perspective.


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    1. I guess I look at it as there are a lot of Christian authors that do that for a living; just have a long range goal of being one of them. Never know what He has planned though πŸ™‚


      1. That’s very true brother, there are a lot of Christian authors.
        I already considered that.

        And I used to read their stuff, but I am no longer interested in their books. Man I look at my king James, and other books just don’t interest me anymore.

        I even trashed my study bibles.
        The commentator was constantly polluting my ability to hear the Holy Ghost as I read. And they were always pushing a systematic theology too in their bible commentaries. I had a prominent dispensational one and a prominent Calvinist one. And I’ve come to reject them all…dispensationalism, Calvinism, preterism…theyre all junk to me.

        I’m sorry buddy for rambling on, my brain just got to stirring.

        You’re a beloved brother, and I appreciate your kindness and friendship Dave. ☺

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