One Thing Remains

Hello Peeps! I hope the weekend got off to a great start for everyone yesterday. Weather here is FINALLY Spring/Summer like! How is it where you are? Most of all my weekend started off great because my Bride is home. She still has a long way to go in her recovery but being home is half the battle amen? Again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your outpouring of support, love, and most of all you powerful, heartfelt prayers to the Most High!

One Thing Remains….what a great song amen? Many different artists have sung it but it gives me chills every time I hear it. It gives me chills because it is the cornerstone of our walk with Jesus. Some may argue my point but for me this is the “deal breaker”…

For me and in my walk the concept behind One Thing Remains is the simple reminder of God’s Word that no matter the struggle you face, God will ALWAYS be with us! That no matter how much you have screwed up or turned your back on Him, He is always there with open arms ready to welcome you home. I’m not talking about “Hell Insurance”, I’m talking about a love and devotion to His creation that we could never duplicate. I mean how many people would be there for you no matter what you did? I imagine the list is pretty short right?

Maybe someone out there right now is feeling hopeless; maybe someone out there right now feels like there is nothing worth living for; maybe someone out there feels that no one cares or loves them; well this morning I have been sent to tell you that ONE THING REMAINS to live for and to keep on pressing for! God, the Creator of all things loves you personally! Loves you in a way we can’t even imagine! Loved you enough to sacrifice His only Son on a Cross in Calvary and spill blood that was meant for us to spill….

Don’t give up! Don’t doubt your worth in Christ! He Loves you and that one thing will always remain!

In His Grace,


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