Roseanne- Double Standard?

So this is WAY different that what I usually post but I would love some feedback.

So Roseanne’s show got cancelled because of some racist tweets which I totally agree with; there is no place for that nonsense. BUT do you think there is a double standard out there? How many stars of shows out there are having their shows cancelled for mocking Christianity?

Double standard or no?


7 thoughts on “Roseanne- Double Standard?

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  1. Importantly, let’s not let another “star” get away with bad behavior because it singled them out. What she said was vile. And it’s not unprecedented behavior on her part.
    That said, yes, absolutely there’s a double-standard, particularly among the stars (but not exclusively so). So … let’s ignore them. They are stars only because we make them so. Ignore them and that status is no longer true.
    Pray for their souls. They deserve love as much as we do. Their sins are magnified because of the stardom they seek. For that, as Christians, let’s be merciful and hope they can turn their lives toward Christ. In the meantime, let’s not watch their shows. Let’s not watch them on the red carpet. Let’s not read about them in the “news.” Instead, let’s leave them time to consider their lives and hope that they can find a way to measure what they do against what Christ has taught.

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    1. Agreed, definitely not the first time and definitely a vile thing to say. I however would like to see some consistency before people start praising what was done. Thanks brother!


  2. You mean you don’t appreciate the hypocrisy of Hollywood? Or of the news? Or of us as an extension of all that by watching and listening to what they say?

    I’m with you all the way!

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  3. FREEDOM OF SPEECH overrides feelings. I feel people need to be tolerant even if they do not like others’ opinions, etc. Thanks for sharing. Truthfully, I did not watch this show and feel Roseanne has the right to say what she feels. Wishing you a lovely day.


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