Round 2

Hello Everyone!

You know I was just thinking this morning that when I started this blog almost a year ago my intention was that I would bring a different message to people about corruption run amuck in our faith. About how the Church has become lost in its way and what we can do to change it back.

Well almost a year later and I don’t feel as if I have even scratched the surface…Our family and our medical issues seem to be taking up most of my space this last year and so much of what you have heard has been personal. I know its not a bad thing because maybe it helps you all relate a little. Helps you feel not so alone.

Many times this year my strength has run out. First my Bride’s back issue, then my Hip Replacement, still dealing with the healing of said Hip Replacement, now my Bride dealing with Sepsis shock/kidney stones which literally almost killed her last week. Glory to God though because He has pulled us out every single time without fail. (Pretty sure there is a lesson here but I digress…)

I have learned a lot though this last year. Learned about how much I can truly handle, how brave my Bride is at so many things, how worthless I am without her, how different family is than what I thought it was, and just how much we need Jesus…

You see when the Bible says that Jesus is the the Great I AM,He really is. He is the perfect One that will never let us down, always be there to pick us back up when we fall, and never stop showing His love for us even when we screw up. How many people can you say you have in your life with that kind of love? I hazard to guess that number is either zero or very low. In any case, I don’t understand how people can place their lives in the hands of anyone or anything else.

Heck, maybe all of this is the answer to doing something about our faith, being open and honest and real with each other; sounds like church to me….

In His Grace,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

4 thoughts on “Round 2”

  1. I started my blog because I wanted to write about what you ended up writing about – my struggles in my family – and I ended up reading yours and stopping writing in my blog all together. God has his plans and we donโ€™t always understand them… I do relate to what your saying although your story couldnโ€™t be more different than mine. Your posts help me keeping my faith in God. Most times you post just what I need to hear.

    Your story is about dealing with physical health and mine is about purposely caused emotional and mental pain. A different war and yet so similar in what it does to us forcing us to be patient and to never lose faith if we want to get through it all. Stay well the both of you ๐ŸŒท

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