The Volume

I’m frequently hearing that people never hear God’s voice. Well, it’s probably because you have the volume turned up on everything else and you can’t hear Him.

Just like anything else, less of the world and more of Him.



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  1. In my opinion God speaks to us through other people. However, we have to put down our technology long enough to listen. I believe He is more analog than digital.


    1. He does no doubt but I think there are plenty of Biblical examples where in some instances God speaks to His people verbally or to our soul so to speak. Very true though that most of the time He uses others to communicate His wishes 😉

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      1. I’m also in agreement with you that He speaks to our souls directly. It’s subtle, timely, and filled with His Grace. I’m certain I’ve heard Him, especially when he wanted to give me additional strength. After all, the mountains were made to cross, not carry!

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      2. Yes. If you’ve never head Him speak directly to your soul, by His Spirit, will you be able to hear or recognize His voice anywhere else? But if you have and do, then you will. I, too, am deeply disturbed by how many people seem not to believe that God really does speak and relate to us… even among those who proclaim, “It’s a Relationship, not a Religion.” The Living God of the Bible who spoke directly to His people is the same Jesus who is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Amen.


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