Happy Friday!

Good morning everyone and happy Friday!

Normally I am working on Friday but I took a vacation day to just try and recoup a little.

I really hope that you all are enjoying what God gives me each day to share with you all. Whether its a small post of encouragement or a longer piece of writing that shares a bigger issue, I pray that in some small way, being part of my blog has helped you in your walk.

As some of you know I am nearing my year anniversary here at WordPress. I’m not all about numbers but right now there are 840 of your awesome faces here with me on this journey. How cool would it be to get that number to 1000 by July 24th marking our official one year celebration?

So, if all of you could simply share this blog with others by giving them this link, damarministries1991.wordpress.com, that would be great! I really treasure each of you that are here and I hope you enjoy your Friday!



Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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