Dreams or Visions- Reminder


***Since I have a bunch of new people here and this was really on my mind, I thought I would share this with you.***


Good morning everyone. I know most of you are either still asleep or heading to church. I am neither right now. I had a really rough night last night with my hip and so rather than put off the inevitable, I got up, showered and have coffee in hand as I type this. This morning I am going to do something different; something different in that I have never shared publicly some of the things that I am about to share with all of you. My close family knows these but not much more than that. For a long time I dreaded talking about them as some of my “visions” are not very pleasant; as the one in which I am going to share with you today. It exposes me I guess to various reactions which is why I have been hesitant, but if I am ever going to reach my goals of bringing a message through my writing I have to shed that fear. So, with a warning that this might be disturbing, enter into my world….

Time’s Up

I found myself awake of sorts, I mean I knew I was dreaming, or was I? In any case the world around me was very vivid. The world in which I walked was not the world in which I left. This world was very “from the Matrix”. The sky was darkened and the sun shine through just enough to give the world I was in a dark, blue misty haze about it. There was a massive building to the right of me which I could not quite tell of its purpose but that is not what drew my attention. What made me realize I “wasn’t in Kansas anymore” was the image in front of me. There was a towering crane-like structure that must have stood 300 feet or more in height and at the bottom was a woman; a woman that was chained with her arms spread wide and her head encased in a device that she could not escape from. She was pleading for her life, but in a language that I could not understand, yet I knew it was her life that was on the line here……

The were two figures, one on each side of her head simply laughing at her pleas clearly amused at her efforts to deal her way out of whatever this situation was she found herself in now. The two figures saw me but clearly their attention was solely on this woman. At this point, there was movement in the giant machine and surprisingly the top part of the device that was holding her head in place started to come off and I was thinking that maybe they had changed their mind and whatever fate they had for her had changed. All along the two demonic looking creatures by her side kept laughing; I couldn’t tell if the laughter was for her, for me, or for both but in any case the laughter was bone chilling. This “release” from the device was an ignorant assumption because as soon as the top part of the device came off, another one came down from the top of the giant machine. This was one was much more sinister has it had giant daggers protruding from what appeared to be some clawed like mechanism. This then got lowered down and it clamped her head so tight I thought her head might explode right then and there but alas it was only tight enough to begin the process of lifting her up to the top of the giant “machine” which now clearly revealed a demonic face that in my worst nightmares or horror movies have never seen. It was as if I was staring at hate in its purest form….

While the lady was being pulled by her head up to the top, the other restraints released from her so that all that was attached to her was this claw like attachment. I remember screaming for her, that whatever this was she didn’t deserve this punishment. All this beast did was laugh with an evil sound so hideous, I wanted to run away but couldn’t. Finally the lady met her accuser at the top of the machine and started a countdown; three…..”no, please help me”…..two…….one………and then it happened. The claw like device pulled her head away from the rest of her body while her torso fell to the ground, the hideous beast held its prize with just ahead and spinal cord remaining. The Beast as proud of its victory and all I could do was shutter in fear of what was next…..

What was next was I woke up in my bed and could not believe what had just happened….I have had visions before but this was more real than almost any of them. Was this just a nightmare? Possibly but I think it was more than that; I believe I was witnessing what happens in the future when the “Mark of the Beast” is refused. I believe there is a time coming where the ultimate choice will have to be made; God or Lucifer. I believe I saw the result of a choice. What say you? What choices will you make today to avoid a potential encounter such as this?

Have a blessed day my friends and I look forward to your feedback and support….

Love and Truth,


Is Jesus at the center of your goal (27)

Is Jesus at the center of your goal (27)

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One last share of the night. 😀

I’m Tired (But Not Out)


**Thought some could use this today**

Hello everyone! Getting a bit later start than normal after I thought it might be a good idea to get some rest. I have been fighting my allergies which of course led into my usual cough; however sleep did me some good and I think I’m on the way back to recovery.

So originally I was going to title this message “Dear Lucifer” but thought that too many folks would see that and not even give the post a chance so I altered it but my message will be pretty much the same.

I’m not sure how many of you have been following my blog for the past year but for those that have you know how much my family has been through. I know there are those that have had it MUCH worse than us but up until a year or so ago our family was pretty much protected from any major health issues and catastrophic situations. Not so much any more. My Bride’s step mom lost a brutal fight with cancer, at the ripe old age of 46 I had to have a full hip replacement, my Bride has dealt with severe back pain, THREE bouts of kidney stones with the latest sending her into Sepsis shock and almost killed her. To say we are feeling a little bit like Job would be the understatement of the year. (Not to mention my oldest son having a bout with an unexpected liver disease).

“So what’s your point David, we all have issues?” My point this morning is to paint a picture for you. My family is under siege…Not just any siege but a full blown assault from the Enemy of Humanity. Sometimes I chuckle a bit when I hear people ask, “where does all this evil come from?” The biggest accomplishment of Satan is convincing people he doesn’t exist….Anyway, with our family under siege it would be very easy to curse God and ask where is He in all of this! I mean, He loves us right? Why would He want us to continue to suffer like this? Well, the good news is He doesn’t!

See just like with Job, I have a feeling a similar conversation happened a while ago between God and Lucifer; “So God, those Fischer’s CLAIM to love and follow you yet they have never been truly tested. Let’s see what happens when they are! I bet they curse your very existence!””God maybe responded with something like, Ok, I’ll take that bet”!

Now some would say that God is allowing Lucifer to inflict pain to settle a bet, but look deeper my friends. How many times do the Scriptures tell us that we grow STRONGER through persecution? How many times do the Scriptures tell us that we must DIE to the WORLD to truly follow Him? How precisely will that happen if we think WE are the ones in control? Friends, God does not want to see us suffer but He will allow it if it will serve to make us better. Think of it this way…

When I was 14 I was hit by a car crossing the street. (David 1, Lucifer 0). As a result, I had a few deep open wounds that had gravel and all sorts of yucky stuff in them. So, what would be the proper course of treatment? Leave the gravel in there and hope it finds its way out OR do what the doctors did and pour peroxide in there with a scrub brush and clean that sucker out? Which do you think was more painful? (Keep in mind I don’t remember getting hit by the car but I do remember them scrubbing a wound so deep you could see the bone….) Nevertheless it had to be done to prevent infection and start the proper healing. Plus that decision had to be made for me because I sure would have never asked for it. You all starting to get what I’m dishing?

Sometimes we just need to go through trials to help get us to where we need to go; a cleansing if you will. The great thing for those that have given their lives to Jesus is that as bad as our trials may seem here, they pale in comparison to the joy and glory that await us in just a very short time. Maybe you are going through something and you see no purpose in it; please know that God loves you so much and just like I have had to do as a parent, sometimes He needs to just let us go through things so we can become better in the long run. Just like my arm eventually healed, so will my family. One day and one day soon, the Fischer’s will all be up in Heaven rejoicing and basking in the Heavenly Realms having no pain or suffering ever again! I don’t know about you, but that is enough to keep me getting up every morning and fighting another day.

Keep fighting my friends, the war has already been won!




How Kneeling & Folding Hands Can Improve Prayer Life

How Kneeling & Folding Hands Can Improve Prayer Life

How Kneeling & Folding Hands Can Improve Prayer Life
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Interesting perspective, thanks Lily!

Am I Good Enough?

**In case you missed this Sunday**

Good enough

Hello again everyone! How was your Saturday? Mine was pretty good. Did some blogging, thought more about the book that I want to write, got a little exercise, all in all a pretty good start to the weekend. As I spent some time interacting with people here and on Twitter I noticed something that bothered me; heck it bothers me about myself but the thing about social media is that you see some raw emotions that you probably wouldn’t see otherwise. Knowing that you will probably never see the people you are writing to can make you a little bolder in what you say. The thing that bothered me is this…people just don’t think they are good enough for anything….

I can’t come up with enough adjectives to tell you how wrong this feeling is…I feel it too my friends but with every fiber of my being it is a lie straight from the pit of Hell itself. (Yes, Hell does exist, sorry). Your Enemy will do everything in His power to convince both the believer in Christ and the unbeliever how pathetic and worthless they are but it is simply not true my friends. How do I know? Because if I have learned nothing about God, it is that everything He says is true, perfect, and reliable. So when He says this, I believe it to be true:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made“- (Psalm 139:14).

So if the One that made you thinks your wonderful, who are you to say otherwise? You are not only degrading yourself, but the One who made you. You are in essence saying that God is not perfect and somehow created a faulty product. Remember this one thing that many people who preach on sin forget….God made us perfect, WE screwed it all up and embraced sin. God did not create us with sin, we headed straight for it and embraced it! Still do today! Want some good news though? He provided a way to get that perfection back both here and in the life to come!

My friends, it is so evident that people are still searching for that “thing” to complete them. Sex, drugs, validation through social media, suicide, are all ways that people are screaming out that they want to feel loved and worthy. Even those that are cocky about themselves and think they are the best thing since sliced bread are searching for these things; they just put on a good mask….

Stop searching..your Creator has had His eye on you from the beginning. You are loved, you are worthy, you are special. Without Jesus Christ, however, you will never know just how much. Without becoming that New Creation, the Veil of lies will stay firmly upon your eyes and you will never truly understand the love that is possible. Are you ready to stop searching? Invite God and His Son Jesus Christ to be the Savior of your life; tell the world and Satan you have had enough of the lies and are ready for Truth! Do it today….

Love and Blessings,


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Container Garden Week 13 Update

Container Garden Week 13 Update

Container Garden Week 13 Update
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This is kind out of my space but I have so much respect and admiration for those that grow gardens like this. Great job Robin! Visit her site for more!

Something’s Not Right

Have you ever felt if something just isn’t right?

Have you ever felt as if everything you see has been manipulated?

Have you ever felt as if everything you are being told is a lie?

This isn’t just the concept for a movie; its all true….

You are being lied to; you are being manipulated; something definitely is not right.

Want to know more? Take the Red pill and join me in a discovery that will open your eyes to a Truth that will leave you speechless. Take the blue pill you stay in slavery.

The Beast is coming…….