Never Worry Again

Good morning again everyone! I first want to start off by saying how humbled, amazed, and grateful for all of you that follow me here. This is so much more than a blog to me for it is my way of sharing what God has given me to hopefully help others get to one thing; His Truth. As I near 1,000 of you I want to get even deeper with my messages, more direct, and hopefully more life changing!


To start off, if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior, this message will be impossible for you to understand. I say that not in judgment but in that only in God’s understanding can we even begin to know how to deal with things, especially on the topic of worry. I think after that though it really comes down to priorities….

I look at the passage above and think; how basic is this? God is not talking about your car, your phone, your job, no He is talking about the basics. Food, drink, and clothing. I think what a simpler time Jesus and the Disciples lived in and yet they still dealt with worry. How much more difficult is it now…..Well, there is a way, where, if you truly listen to God, you never have to worry again.

See, once you come to Christ, you are a new Creation. A new Creation that does away with the old flesh and becomes like Christ. (Not becomes Christ but becomes LIKE Christ). He gives you the Holy Spirit in which to guide you and to make more Godly decisions. He also gives you that Spirit as a Comforter.


See not only did Jesus pay the price for our sins but by putting Himself on that Cross, He also enabled us to have a changed life free of worry through His Holy Spirit! Whether you want to admit this or not Church, you CHOOSE to worry. If you are not a Christ follower then you have no choice, but as a believer, you now make a CHOICE to worry. God has freed you from that bondage; why do we keep running back towards it? Do we need that control so bad?

Friends, I see worry destroy people every day. I see it get in the way of accomplishing so much for God and for ourselves. You have been given the ability to make a different choice today; one free from worry and the bondage that it brings. Today, stop listening to the media and those that would tell you that there is so much to worry about. God is good and as His new creation, everything in your life is good too!

Give Him some praise today my friends! Show Him you really love Him and let go of the worry…..Have a great Saturday everyone.



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