Laws- A New OT


Hello everyone again. I hope that this message finds you well and are ready for a relaxing weekend. I know I am; things around these parts have been so chaotic, that I am totally ready for a weekend of inaction, can I get an Amen? I’ll wait…..

So did the title of my message this morning grab your attention? I hope so because that was its intent. You may be thinking, “There is a New OT?, has this guy totally lost his mind?” Well I haven’t; not yet at least. However, there really has been a New OT created and it is not from God I can assure you of that. We have created a New OT full of Laws and Regulations that the Pharisees of old would be proud of. Let me provide a few examples….

  1. Do not cuss
  2. Do not watch rated R movies
  3. Do not listen to secular music
  4. Do not miss church
  5. Do not hang out with people who are not beleivers
  6. Do not speak out for fear of offending others

I mean honestly I could go all day….Now you might be asking yourself, “Self, what is wrong with those things? Aren’t they all what Jesus taught?” Well yes He did but, and here is the kicker, we did not do one thing first….BECOME A NEW CREATION!!!!! See we have taken all of Jesus’ teachings and turned them into more Laws just like the Pharisees did all those years ago. Without first becoming a New Creation, these things are just more rules and regulations that are impossible to keep. We have allowed the Enemy to take Godly principles and make them once again our master; we are once again in bondage to the Law.

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”- Matthew 5:17  

Friends, Jesus did not die on the Cross so we could continue to struggle with the Law, He fulfilled it so we no longer have to worry about rules and regulations but instead become a NEW CREATION IN HIM and guess what? He and the Holy Spirit guide your walk through His teachings for us in our flesh are incapable of doing it by ourselves…We are nothing but rotting flesh ever enslaved by Satan and his minions if we continue to go through life trying everything with our own power. We need to get over ourselves and finally become that NEW CREATION that only through Jesus Christ can be achieved.

Quit being a Keeper of the Law and become a true Christ follower. Easier said than done? Yep; i have to remind myself of this daily and sometimes hourly but it can be done. It simply requires faith….Do you have enough faith in Him to guide you? Or is your faith in yourself and your judgment so strong that you have become your own god and no longer need Him? 



Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

4 thoughts on “Laws- A New OT”

  1. This is a very interesting aspect. I always encourage people to read the Bible for themselves instead of going off what “religion” says, because it can be very different!!

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  2. I am involved in my Church helping in the Christian 12 steps for Ladies and will soon do more. I am blessed and thank God that H s using me again. It is a beautiful thing been used by the Holy Spirit don’t you think? 🙂

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