Am I Good Enough?

**In case you missed this Sunday**

Good enough

Hello again everyone! How was your Saturday? Mine was pretty good. Did some blogging, thought more about the book that I want to write, got a little exercise, all in all a pretty good start to the weekend. As I spent some time interacting with people here and on Twitter I noticed something that bothered me; heck it bothers me about myself but the thing about social media is that you see some raw emotions that you probably wouldn’t see otherwise. Knowing that you will probably never see the people you are writing to can make you a little bolder in what you say. The thing that bothered me is this…people just don’t think they are good enough for anything….

I can’t come up with enough adjectives to tell you how wrong this feeling is…I feel it too my friends but with every fiber of my being it is a lie straight from the pit of Hell itself. (Yes, Hell does exist, sorry). Your Enemy will do everything in His power to convince both the believer in Christ and the unbeliever how pathetic and worthless they are but it is simply not true my friends. How do I know? Because if I have learned nothing about God, it is that everything He says is true, perfect, and reliable. So when He says this, I believe it to be true:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made“- (Psalm 139:14).

So if the One that made you thinks your wonderful, who are you to say otherwise? You are not only degrading yourself, but the One who made you. You are in essence saying that God is not perfect and somehow created a faulty product. Remember this one thing that many people who preach on sin forget….God made us perfect, WE screwed it all up and embraced sin. God did not create us with sin, we headed straight for it and embraced it! Still do today! Want some good news though? He provided a way to get that perfection back both here and in the life to come!

My friends, it is so evident that people are still searching for that “thing” to complete them. Sex, drugs, validation through social media, suicide, are all ways that people are screaming out that they want to feel loved and worthy. Even those that are cocky about themselves and think they are the best thing since sliced bread are searching for these things; they just put on a good mask….

Stop searching..your Creator has had His eye on you from the beginning. You are loved, you are worthy, you are special. Without Jesus Christ, however, you will never know just how much. Without becoming that New Creation, the Veil of lies will stay firmly upon your eyes and you will never truly understand the love that is possible. Are you ready to stop searching? Invite God and His Son Jesus Christ to be the Savior of your life; tell the world and Satan you have had enough of the lies and are ready for Truth! Do it today….

Love and Blessings,


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